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2013 NFL Calendar

For the hard core NFL fan, the Super Bowl does not mark the end of the season, but the beginning of another. Combines, free agency, and the draft, are just a few crucial benchmarks that lead us closer to the 2013 kickoff.  For fans of the New York Jets, this off-season may be seen as… Read more

The Final Drill

JetNation, our long national nightmare is over.  Of course paraphrasing an inaugurated president lacks a little historical perspective, but it has been a long, frustrating season for everyone associated with this franchise.  Apparently so much so for Woody Johnson that he had removed himself, at least physically, from the situation.  He has not been seen… Read more

Time For A Change?

It was a fitting ending for the New York Jets.  Their playoff hopes vanished on Monday Night Football in an embarrassing fashion in front of a national football audience no less.  Perhaps Jon Gruden’s post game comments summed up not only this game, but the entire Jets season.  “Five turnovers, squandered opportunities, mismanaged situations, amazing… Read more

NY Jets: Day After Drill

Back in the 90’s, when I lived in Connecticut, I was a New York Jets season ticket holder. This weekend, I recalled a specific game I took my father to, a late-season meaningless game against the then dynasty Dallas Cowboys. Specifically, it was December 18, 1993.  The Jets were particularly lousy and lost 28-7. During… Read more

NY Jets Day After Drill

Greg McElroy is certainly no stranger to big games.  Hearing the cheers of tens of thousands of screaming fans was something he enjoyed every Saturday at a big time college program like Alabama.  But I am sure never in his life did he hear such a roar of enthusiasm for simply strapping on that helmet… Read more

The Drill

I usually get right to work on my weekly article aimed to offer my impressions of the New York Jets game and overall state of the organization.  Last night I decided to stew in my frustration and embarrassment, stop reading all the texts my so called friends delighted in sending and waited until this morning… Read more

NY Jets Post Game Drill

Going into Seattle this week, Mark Sanchez was, statistically speaking, not the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.  If you go by quarterback rating and consider quarterbacks who have started all of their team’s games, Brandon Weeden holds that distinction.  But I bet you could not find one New York Jets fan that would not… Read more

The Drill

If I were the head coach of the New York Jets, I would write one word as large as I could for everybody to see when they arrived for work this week.   Consistency!  What characteristics does a consistent football team exhibit?  Trust, purpose, drive, passion, selflessness. If this football team could get behind these principles… Read more

Post Game Drill

In the aftermath of a disappointing 23-17 loss to the Houston Texans, a game the Jets showed infinitely more heart than they did a week earlier, I want to attempt to point out some positives we as fans can draw.  The Jets sit at 2-3 but are certainly in no way playing for draft position… Read more

The Day After Drill

In preparation for my weekly JetNation.com submission I usually stay up late, watch the game one more time, look at the statistics, and try to come up with analysis that focuses on the play, player or decisions that shaped the outcome.  Forgive me if I did not have the stomach to put myself through that… Read more

The Morning After Drill

The New York Jets are 2-1 with two division victories and they sit on top of the AFC East standings.  Why then are so many fans feeling a sense of gloom, typically reserved for fans of losing teams?   Looking beyond their position in the standings, there just has not been many good things happening on… Read more

The Morning After Drill

For all the optimism, excitement, and hope the New York Jets provided in their dismantling of the Buffalo Bills last week, this week in Pittsburgh it was pessimism, pain, and despair that  were delivered to the Jets faithful in heavy doses.  Making it even more difficult to stomach was the fast start they got off… Read more

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