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Is It Time To Stick A Fork In This Season?

New York Jets

Another week and another Jets loss, it’s a trend that’s becoming all too familiar. As usual there were some bright spots from yesterday’s loss to the Broncos but the negatives continue to outweigh the positives. Our defensive front was strong and kept the pressure on Peyton Manning all day. Muhammad Wilkerson continues to impress and build on his Pro-Bowl numbers. Rookie Jace Amaro had his best game of the season so far with his first NFL touchdown and for the most part showed that he can continue developing into a key weapon on offense. The offense as a whole even got into the red zone in the first quarter which was an accomplishment and was hopefully something to build upon.

That’s where we stop with the accolades though. The offense didn’t continue to play well and after that first quarter touchdown it stalled until the very end of the game. The Jets had 82 yards on offense for the entire first half. What happened to the running game as well yesterday? The one thing the Jets needed to do yesterday was continue to run the ball effectively and they could not. That falls under the coordinators responsibility. The Jets have a weak offensive line that got weaker with the loss now of Brian Winters but there was no creativity to open up the running game and after a while it seems they abandoned it altogether.  Geno Smith showed flashes again of why he was drafted but too often forced the ball or made poor decisions. He has to run more. Time and time again there were lanes available for him to scramble for positive yardage but he stayed back and either forced a poor throw or went down for negative yardage. Case in point was the last drive to try and tie the game up. Did anyone seriously think he was going to take the team down the field with the game on the line to get the game tying touchdown? The result was an interception to ice the game for Denver.

On Special Teams, two fumbles by Powell with one turnover was a disgrace. The first thought that came to my mind, “I really miss Mike Westhoff”. On kick offs these players don’t seem ready and if they are then they need to either work harder or someone else needs to be found that can hold onto the ball! You can’t give team’s second chances on offense especially someone like Peyton Manning.

The defense had no turnovers again and the run defense was horrible for the second week in a row. For the second week in a row the defense let a backup running back get to the second level multiple times. The secondary and even the linebackers were not in sync yesterday as witnessed by the early 53 yard pass play by Denver and then just before the half Julius Thomas caught a touchdown due to poor communication between Calvin Pryor and David Harris. He could even be heard over the telecast proclaiming how “bleeping” easy it was. This is a short week for the Jets as they have to go to New England Thursday night. This team needs to find answers quickly or the calls for change will continue to get louder. Week after week of saying how we need to work harder or learn from mistakes is getting really old.

So the question needs to be asked, is it time to stick a fork in the 2014 season?

This Article Was Written By Ken Alcott

Ken Alcott

Ken was born in Teaneck, New Jersey and has followed the Jets for over 30 years. He now resides in Canton, GA and has been a JetNation member since 2006. He is married to a Jersey girl and enjoys going to at least one game with his son each year.



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