Ken Alcott

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Jets Needs & Top Prospects

Any given off-season can define a team’s success on the field for years to come.  That is where the Jets [...]

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A History Making Day

The Jets made history yesterday in Nashville when they beat the Titans 16-11. Dawan Landry prevented possibly one of the [...]

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Tis the Season of Hope, Unless You’re A Jets Fan

In a stadium last night that had almost as many Dolphin fans as Jets fans, I was most disappointed for [...]

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Last Night’s Game, Not Much To Be Thankful For!

By Kenneth Alcott “Embarrassing, humiliated and lackluster”, these are not my words to describe the Jets performance last night but the [...]

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Perspective Is Everything

Yesterday’s win against the Steelers had many good things to take away from the game.  First, it was a win [...]

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Another Week With Similar Results

By Kenneth Alcott Week after week it becomes harder to find the positives in this team. The Jets have never [...]

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The Wheels Have Come Off

I have been told that I can be a little negative when it comes to the Jets. Well after supporting [...]

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This Team Has Heart, Just Too Many Holes

For the second week in a row the Jets started out on defense and for the second week in a [...]

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Is It Time To Stick A Fork In This Season?

Another week and another Jets loss, it’s a trend that’s becoming all too familiar. As usual there were some bright [...]