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Jets Needs & Top Prospects

Any given off-season can define a team’s success on the field for years to come.  That is where the Jets find themselves in going into year two of the Todd Bowles/Mike Maccagnan regime.  Last year was all about spending big in free agency.  This year, with very little room under the salary cap, it will… Read more

A History Making Day

The Jets made history yesterday in Nashville when they beat the Titans 16-11. Dawan Landry prevented possibly one of the most embarrassing and worst losses in Jets history at the 9 yard line tackling Delanie Walker. No, it wasn’t the fact that it was their first road win of the season. It wasn’t the fact… Read more

Tis the Season of Hope, Unless You’re A Jets Fan

In a stadium last night that had almost as many Dolphin fans as Jets fans, I was most disappointed for all of the great ex-Jets that came out for Wayne Chrebet and were let down by this team. The Jets secured their second season of double-digit losses in three years. You think there would have… Read more

Last Night’s Game, Not Much To Be Thankful For!

By Kenneth Alcott “Embarrassing, humiliated and lackluster”, these are not my words to describe the Jets performance last night but the words of ESPN, NFL Network and other media outlets. The Jets had two options going into last night’s game. Build on their performance from the Steelers game two weeks ago or regress and mail the… Read more

Perspective Is Everything

Yesterday’s win against the Steelers had many good things to take away from the game.  First, it was a win which we haven’t had in a while and now this team will not set the all time Jets record for consecutive losses. We also know that the Jets can never invite Justin Bieber to their… Read more

Another Week With Similar Results

By Kenneth Alcott Week after week it becomes harder to find the positives in this team. The Jets have never lost nine games in a row but with Ben Roethlisberger who is playing out of his mind right now and the Steelers coming in next week this seems inevitable. MetLife Stadium will have plenty of… Read more

The Wheels Have Come Off

I have been told that I can be a little negative when it comes to the Jets. Well after supporting this team for 30 years I believe I have earned the right for both optimism and pessimism. Yesterday was a day for pessimism and yes it gets frustrating. I get tired of hearing the post… Read more

This Team Has Heart, Just Too Many Holes

For the second week in a row the Jets started out on defense and for the second week in a row they gave up a big pass play. This time it was a long touchdown to Tom Brady and the Patriots. The Jets appeared to be heading for a blowout but the offense came to… Read more

Is It Time To Stick A Fork In This Season?

Another week and another Jets loss, it’s a trend that’s becoming all too familiar. As usual there were some bright spots from yesterday’s loss to the Broncos but the negatives continue to outweigh the positives. Our defensive front was strong and kept the pressure on Peyton Manning all day. Muhammad Wilkerson continues to impress and… Read more

How Did The Jets Get Here?

Going into Sunday’s game Rex Ryan and the Jets were brimming with confidence that they would rebound from their three game losing streak and San Diego would be the place to do it. In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend”. The Chargers not only beat the Jets, extending their losing streak… Read more

Can The Jets Rebound?

I don’t like negativity, I really don’t but when you have followed the Jets for as long as I have it tends to become a way of life for you.  Before the season I predicted the Jets would go 2-2 in their first four games.  It appears I was reaching.  Beating Detroit was going to… Read more

Missed Opportunities

The old saying in football is that the team that loses the turnover battle will lose the game. For the first 5 minutes of Monday night’s game the Jets seemed intent to prove that. This game consisted of missed opportunities for the Jets and this offense. The pick six thrown by Geno Smith on the… Read more

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