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Geno Benched, Jets fall to 1-7 vs. Buffalo

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Geno Smith was benched early in the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bills. Geno threw three interceptions on three consecutive drives and dug a hole for the Jets that Michael Vick and the rest of the team could not dig themselves out of. New York fell to 1-7 after being defeated by Buffalo 47-17.

Percy Harvin, the Jets newest addition, did not do much to impress early on. On 2nd and 8 in the first quarter, before any interceptions were thrown, Geno overthrew Harvin, and received a chorus of boos for the Jet faithful. On the very next play, Geno tried to force the ball to Harvin and was intercepted by Stephon Gilmore. The boos got louder, and more would follow.

The defense then forced a three and out (their first of many), only to have Smith throw his second interception. Another three and out by Ryan’s D was followed by another Geno Smith interception. That throw would be his last of the contest.

After throwing for 5 passing yards and 3 interceptions on just 8 passing attempts, Geno was benched. Michael Vick entered thr game.

Vick looked good during his first drive, scrambling for first downs, and recovering a Chris Ivory fumble that, if recovered by the Bills, would have resulted in four straight turnovers for the Jets.

Vick produced more yards in his first drive than Geno did in the first 4 offensive drives (44 passing yards and 18 rushing yards compared to Geno’s five passing yards). Vick was able to lead a scoring drive to cut the Jets’ deficit to one possession. Chris Ivory had a 2 yard touchdown run.

The Jets had a chance to gain momentum after Ivory’s score, but lack of talent in the defensive backfield would not allow it. The weakness of the Jets secondary was exposed as Sammy Watkins burned the defense with a long catch that, if not for a premature celebration, would have been a touchdown. Instead, Frank Summers of Buffalo converted the score with a one yard touchdown run.

Following Summers’ touchdown, Vick could not recreate the magic of his first drive. His fumble on third down was, thankfully, recovered by Jeff Cumberland, but the Jets were still forced to punt. It’s worth noting that Cumberland showed great effort after recovering the fumble, but only gained one yard despite some nifty footwork.

The Jets defense was, somehow, able to force their third three and out of the day after the punt, but New York’s turnover woes continued. After scrambling for a 17 yard first down, Vick was, questionably, flagged for taunting. Soon thereafter, Vick lost the football on a run, and the Bills recorded their 4th turnover of the half.

Rex Ryan looked as frustrated as the majority of Jet fans during the first play of the Bills next possession. Rex needed to be restrained by two of his assistant coaches as he yelled at the game official, presumably over a missed timeout. Although Ryan has produced many positive memories for Jet fans during his tenure as head coach, it is hard to imagine him standing on the sideline next year.

After a Buffalo field goal, Vick was able to lead the Jets into the redzone. A roughing the passer penalty against the Bills preceded Ivory’s second TD run of the game. The 74 yard drive was made possible thanks to the new Jet, Percy Harvin, who rushed for 22 yards and converted two first downs.

A sack by Wilkerson and Richardson was instrumental in forcing the Bills to punt. The Jets offense was then able to give Nick Folk a chance to convert a 55 yard field goal. He did. Miraculously, after a half in which they turned the ball over four times, the Jets were only down by seven heading into the half.

That, of course, would soon change.

Another forced three and out by the Jets defense to start the half was followed by a three and out by the Jets offense. Despite yet another forced three and out by New York, a field goal was surrendered to Buffalo. Field position was a problem for the Jets throughout the game.

Speaking of which, the Jets began their next drive at their own 3 after a botched ‘trick’ play on the ensuing kickoff. Not surprisingly, the Jets offense was forced to punt after three plays for the second time in a row.

A Kyle Wilson blitz on third down of Buffalo’s next drive knocked the Bills out of field goal range, and gave the Jets yet another chance to lessen Buffalo’s ten point lead. Instead, after a slew of penalties, Vick fumbled in the opponent’s redzone. The Bills recorded their fifth takeaway of the contest.

After the Vick fumble, New York was able to hold Buffalo to another three and out, and only give up a field goal despite the Bills starting the drive in the redzone. It was heart wrenching to see the outstanding effort of the Jets defense constantly overshadowed by a horrid offensive showing.

Vick threw his first interception after the abovementioned redzone stop by the Defense. At that point of the game both Vick and Smith were each responsible for three turnovers.

Kyle Orton’s touchdown pass to Scott Chandler at the beginning of the fourth quarter basically sealed the deal. The game was over.

The Jets fell to 1-7 after a 43-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

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Andy Dionne
Andy Dionne is a recent graduate from Central Connecticut State University, and an avid fan of the New York Jets.

This Article Was Written By Andy Dionne

Andy Dionne

Andy Dionne is a recent graduate from Central Connecticut State University, and an avid fan of the New York Jets.


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