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Backing Up The Extra Point


If you are one of those people that goes to the bathroom every time there is an extra point attempt, the NFL has a message for you. The message is don’t go just yet, watch this play. During the owners meetings a new rule was put in place.

The extra point just became a 32 yard field goal. The line of scrimmage is now the 15 yard line, add 7 yards for the place holder and another 10 for the end zone and that adds up to … don’t go to the bathroom just yet. Making it even more interesting is the possibility of a new 2 point play for the defense.

According to the rule change, if the defense returns a blocked extra point or failed two-point try for a touchdown (i.e. on an interception), they will be awarded two points. Under the previous rule the ball was dead on a failed try.

NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino said teams could change their attempt decision if a penalty occurs. For instance, if a team chooses to go for two points and is called for an offensive penalty, they could then decide to kick a 1-point try.

Jets fans seem divided on the change and they are sounding off in our NFL forum.

This Article Was Written By Phil Sullivan

Phil Sullivan

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