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The Plan For Sheldon

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Sheldon RichardsonNY Jets head coach Todd Bowles has a different approach than his predecessor when it comes to the media. Simply put, Bowles doesn’t say much. Case in point the return of Sheldon Richardson. Check out this exchange from the press conference on Wednesday after practice.

On if he formulated a plan on how to integrate Richardson…

Yes, I have.

On the nature of the plan to integrate Richardson…

(Laughter) I’ll tell you Sunday night.

On if Richardson will start…

We’re not going to get into that now. That would be giving the game plan away. Depending on what package they come out in, he may. There’s things in there for him. I’m not going to say he is or he isn’t. If they come out in something else and he doesn’t (start), that makes me out to be a liar. There are some packages for him that if they start the game a certain way, he could start.

On if Richardson will play the entire game…

No, he won’t play the entire game. I don’t think any of them will. We’ll platoon them and rotate those guys and see how fresh they are.

On if he expects Richardson to play a significant role on Sunday…

20 is a significant amount. But five or 10, he should get more than that.


So what is the plan for Sheldon Richardson? You will have to watch the game on Sunday, because coach Bowles isn’t tipping his hand.

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Phil Sullivan

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