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Mangold X-Ray Negative; Jets Injury Updates

Nick Mangold

Nick MangoldDuring the loss to the New England Patriots the Jets suffered a few critical injuries. Coach Bowles gave the media several updates today. The news on Nick Mangold was good as his neck X-Ray was negative. Calvin Pryor sprained his ankle. Chris Ivory is dealing with a pulled hamstring and Buster Skrine has a finger injury that Bowles didn’t seem to worried about.


Bowles was asked if he was concerned about Mangold’s injury.

Well, not as much as it would’ve been if the x-rays showed something else. I don’t know the time table on him getting better. I just know it’s not as bad as we thought it was. He’s sore, he has to get treatment and everything else and see if it loosens up.


Is it possible that Mangold’s injury was a stinger?

Not to my knowledge. They told me it was a neck injury and that’s all I can go by. Like a muscle, neck injury but it’s not as bad as we thought it would be.

In typical Todd Bowles fashion he wouldn’t give any information about Mangold’s chances of playing on Sunday. We will just have to see how it goes he said.

Some other injury updates:

On how close of a decision it was to make Stevan Ridley active…

It was fairly close at the time, but we didn’t feel like it was necessary to use him at that time, so we put up a bunch of other guys that we thought we would have needed.

On what the options were with P Ryan Quigley out due to short time…

Not at the time. He (Steve Weatherford) was the only one within close proximity that could probably get on a plane that we kind of knew at that point in time so it kind of fit.

On how Weatherford played…

I mean, he did okay. Obviously, he is going to be a little rusty because he probably hadn’t punted in a while. I know working out is one thing, but going out there every day and just practicing your craft is another, but under the circumstances I thought he did okay.

On if he expects to have Quigley back this week…

I’ll know more on Wednesday. I know he was feeling better, but I have to see how much better.


On if Steven Weatherford will be released if Quigley returns…

We’ll know more Wednesday. I’ll see how Quigley’s health looks on Wednesday when he kicks or if he kicks.

On if Devin Smith is injured…

He didn’t show up on the injury report. Right now, he’s okay.




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