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NY Jet Injury Updates


Injury updates from New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles. This interview was after the OTA practice on Wednesday 06/08.

On whether Ryan Clady is ahead of schedule with his rehab…

I don’t pace him as being ahead or behind, but he’s doing a lot better than what I thought he would be doing.

On how Clady has looked since last Wednesday when he said he looked rusty…

I was saying he looked rusty because he hadn’t played in a while. I wasn’t saying he looked rusty because he was getting beat. He was just rusty because he hadn’t played. He’s been looking fine ever since then, but he’s rehabbing and he’s getting better. And he’s moving better.

On Skrine not participating today…

He practiced early. He just tweaked something and we just sat him out. We’re not trying to put people out there with little bit of nicks right now because we can’t afford not to, but nothing serious, and all of the guys will be ready for camp.

On what Skrine tweaked…

He just tweaked something in his leg.

On Kellen Davis injury…

He’s got a sore thumb, so we held him out of that ‘cause we didn’t want him to get it hit.

On if Kellen Davis had surgery on his thumb…

That is not open for discussion at this time.

On Davis’ status for the spring…

He will be ready for training camp. We talked about getting surgery, they’re thinking about doing surgery, and yes he had surgery, I’ll give you that.

























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