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Christian Hackenberg

One word that may never be associated with the QB position is “clarity” and last night’s game continues that trend:

– Christian Hackenberg was awful showing no pocket awareness, locking onto receivers and leading the offense to 16 NYG points.  And what’s more disturbing is how quickly his weaknesses are already getting around the league.  He doesn’t recognize pressure and where to go with the ball and DC’s are abusing him with blitz packages.  It’s nice he got a last minute TD to narrow the score but it came against #2’s and #3’s so it really doesn’t count.

– Bryce Petty was excellent in the second half but it came against #2’s and #3’s so you have to grade him on a curve.  What I will say is he deserves consideration for the starting spot more than Hackenberg.  Rallying the team from a 29-3 deficit was impressive no matter who you’re playing against.  But of course he gets hurt on the final drive which just adds to the QB confusion.

– With the proper RB rotation in place (Matt Forte, Bilal Powell & Elijah McGuire) it was good to see the running game more effective.

– Excellent games from Ardarius Stewart and Chad Hansen at the WR position.

– Defensively the #1 unit gave up 13 points while also getting an INT from Juston Burris.  It should have been better with no Odell Beckham & Brandon Marshall but it was ok.

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