NY Jets Training Camp

#JetsCamp Notes – Day One (7/25/19)

Le'Veon Bell

General Notes

– Practice ran 2 hours and 10 minutes.

– Players were in shorts & shells.

– Elevated spy cameras are now being used to film the “all 22” view of practice instead of actual cameramen.

– There are now two video replay screens available so coaches/players can immediately review a drill or play.

– Surprisingly, music is back at practice as it was playing throughout.

– Marcus Maye, Brian Poole, Brandon Bryant and Bless Austin were working with the trainers.  And Brian Winters also wasn’t there based on One Jets Drive I expect his wife was giving birth.

Coach Corner

With a change in staff here are some of the differences I noticed:

– Practice no longer starts with an exercise period.  It started with an 11 on 11 situational drill.  The offense was backed up inside the 20 and had a series
of plays to move the ball.  It was run at half speed.

– The tempo of the offense has increased dramatically.  The play is called and the offense is at the line with 20 seconds left on the play clock.

– Gregg Williams may be the face of the defense but he let’s his coaches coach. Dennard Wilson (DB coach) who was given the title of “passing game coordinator”
was actually tying the LB’s & DB’s together in coverage.  Sadly I never saw that with the previous regime.

– Gauntlet drills are used during individual periods for WR’s and OLine. The WR’s weave through trash cans and have to catch balls fired at them. And OLinemen have to strike and slide through a gauntlet of five defenders.

– Mid practice “gassers” were run, not out of anger but for conditioning purposes.

Player Notes

– Quadree Henderson, Greg Dortch, Tim White, JJ Jones & Valentine Holmes were trying out as returners.

– LeVeon Bell displayed his unique skills today.  Catching a simple screen pass, hesitating and blowing by defenders for first downs.  And powering through the middle of the defense for a big run (25+ yards).  

– Ty Montgomery was also impressive out of the backfield.

– Tarell Basham (OLB) had a good day showing excellent timing on blitzes and anticipation of the snap count.

– Frankie Luvu (OLB) had the play of the day with a “pick 6” off of Davis Webb.

QB Notes

– Impressive day for Sam Darnold not because of any sexy plays but with his command of the offense.  When the defense brought pressure he was reading it
and communicating with Jonotthan Harrison and the rest of the offense to beat it.  Excellent chemistry with Jamison Crowder on a couple of blitz beaters which had the defense cursing.

– Disappointing accuracy by Trevor Siemian and Davis Webb in their reps.  As veterans I expected more from them.


– Sam Darnold (command of the offense)

– LeVeon Bell

– Jamison Crowder

– Ty Montgomery

– Tarell Basham

– Frankie Luvu


– Inaccuracy of the backup QB’s

– Offense didn’t function well when Darnold wasn’t under center

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