Post Draft Thoughts

Here are some NY Jets draft thoughts now that we know what players have been selected. Defense – I think

Zach Wilson Never Had a Chance; Bills Game Notes

This will be short & sweet and then we can look forward to the off-season: – An incredible effort by

Zach Wilson Plays His Best Game; Jets \ Bucs Recap

A heck of an effort as the Jets fought TB for a full 60 minutes.  But there are no moral

Jets Beat Texans — Game Notes

In this decade of barren football as a fan, its always nice to get a NY Jets win.  So I

8 Games Left; What We Need To See

Here is a recap of what we’ve seen so from the NY Jets far and what needs to happen the

One Sided Failure – Bye Week Edition

There is only one side of the ball responsible for the 1-4 record we find ourselves with as we enter

NY Jets Film Break Down

The way the New York Jets offense started out on Sunday, there’s no way I saw this coming.  But of

Real Excitement Over Zach Wilson; KRL Report

A 19-14 season-opening loss started out with a “Same Old Jets” feeling but ended with some promise.  Outscoring CAR 14-3

Keys to the Jets Season – KRL

Keys to the Jets season and other observations from KRL. – Offensively everything will revolve around the run game /

Jets Beat Packers 23-14; KRL Game Recap

The New York Jets beat the Green Bay Packers 23 – 14 to get their 2nd win of the preseason.

NY Jets Game Notes (KRL); Mims, Huff & Wilson

It was good to have pre-season football back after a year absence. Most will dismiss it, but there’s nothing like live

KRL Jets Camp Notes (8/4/21)

General Notes – Practice ran 2 hours and 20 minutes. – They were in jerseys & shorts again, so in