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Featured Editorials Game Recap

Game Notes; Why is Gase Still Employed?

I’m sorry I didn’t post earlier but the Jets committed another personal foul against me, “roughing the writer” and I [...]

Featured Editorials

Week 2 KRL Game Notes

No Richard Sherman, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, Nick Bosa, Raheem Mostert, Dee Ford and Jimmy Garoppolo and it wasn’t even [...]

Featured Editorials Game Recap

Game Rewind; Gase Refuses to Run and Setup the Pass

Each week KRL will provide mid week thoughts on the previous game. In case you missed it here was the [...]

Featured Editorials

Monday Morning Game Notes

Here’s the observation, an absolutely pathetic, putrid and trash performance by everyone in a Jet uniform.  A totally fake final [...]

Featured Editorials NY Jets Training Camp

Impressions of Camp via Media Reports

Due to Covid-19 and the new safety protocols, JetNation isn’t able to attend training camp in person this year. KRL [...]

Featured Editorials

Under The Radar Thoughts

In this time with facilities still closed a couple of issues that are “under the radar” will impact how teams [...]

Featured Editorials Game Recap

Darnold in the Rain; Other KRL Game Notes

In a game that was extremely hard to watch and had a pre-season feel to it, the Jets ended the [...]

Featured Editorials

Bless Austin Sits; Other Game Notes By KRL

In a defensive struggle that had a playoff feel the Jets put a major dent in PIT hopes with a [...]

Featured Editorials Game Recap

Jets Fall To Ravens; KRL Game Notes

If you’re looking for the usual “the sky is falling”, “fire everybody” hot takes after a Jet loss you’re looking [...]