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Blake Cashman Shines; Eagles Game Observations

Blake Cashman

– Coming out party for Blake Cashman as he was everywhere all night. Displaying his speed in coverage, forcing a fumble and tackling everyone.  Over time can he push Neville Hewitt to start next to CJ Mosley?

– Bronson Kaufusi continued his excellent summer with a TFL and pushing the pocket.  In fact his pressure caused the PHI QB to rush the throw which became an INT by Marcus Cooper. 

– Solid game by Marcus Cooper as he had an INT and was reliable in his coverage responsibilities.  Displaying what you want to see in a #4/#5 CB, but will he survive the weekend pickups to come?

– Nice to see Josh Bellamy run solid routes with good hands as a WR.  He’s going to make the team because of his special teams ability, but in a pinch can he step in as an actual WR?

– It was a night of opportunities for Taylor Bertolet and he blew it.  You can’t go 2 for 5 the day before a couple of kickers are going to shake loose.

– Davis Webb continued his “Sanchezian” summer with two more INT’s. On his final one (falling back, with a sidearm flip) the camera focused on Adam Gase.  Who had a “what the bleep are you doing” look on his face.

– Luke Falk was solid and gave an indication he could develop into a long term backup.  But he’s got to improve his internal clock and get rid of the ball.  Too many times he held onto the ball too long and got smashed.

– The backup OLines provided decent pass protection.  Will the team keep any of them on the practice squad for continued development?

– Valentine Holmes displayed good hands/feet for a converted rugby player.  Will the team continue to develop him as a RB on the practice squad?

– Another practice squad candidate, Kyle Phillips had a good night with a couple of sacks and a TFL.  Will he be kept?

– One player who I think will definitely be gone is Nathan Shepherd. He got no reps, which isn’t a good sign if your spot is shaky 

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