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Some Thoughts on Brian Winters


Here are some quick thoughts on the toughness of Brian Winters that were originally posted in our forums by KRL.

If Winters actually blew out his shoulder in camp and played half a season with it a couple of issues come up:

– He hasn’t been the greatest but credit to him for probably being the toughest.

– Winters playing with a blown shoulder shines some light on the Osemele situation.  It doesn’t make the team look good but they probably said, “Winters is playing with a blown shoulder, can’t you play with a tear?”

– Will the team take Winters sacrifice into account and actually bring him back next year?  Maybe on a cheaper deal?

Visit our message board and let us know what you think about Brian Winters. Will he be back with the team next year? Does the injury he played with change your mind on his performance at all this year?

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