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Bengals Slap Jets Back To Reality; KRL Game Notes

Robby Anderson

The Jets were slapped back to reality as they lost to previously winless Cincinnati Bengals 22 – 6.  Issues that had plagued the team before the win streak re-emerged as the offensive line was awful and penalties wiped out any big plays the offense generated. Of course they had to make “history” as they lost for the second time to a winless team.

– The only positive things on the day were Sam Ficken kicking two FG’s to prevent a shutout.  The run defense (44 yards) and Sam Darnold being decent as he wasn’t helped out by any of his teammates (no protection and tons of drops).

– Lachlan Edwards and Braxton Berrios were awful.  Edwards punts were short and CIN started every drive at their 40 or better.  With the offense pinned back inside the 20 on practically every drive Berrios needed to take a chance at least once and return a punt.  Also he had a drop on a huge 3rd down on the first drive of the game.

– The lack of pass rush was evident as Dalton had all day to throw.  With Jamal Adams having a bad foot there was no consistent pressure.  With no pressure Dalton picked apart the zones the secondary played.

– The few times the offense did have a big play the OLine made sure to put a stop to it with awful penalties.  Kelvin Beachum cost the team at least 5 points as he had a block in the back on a Bilal Powell screen into the red zone.  And a hold in the end zone cost the team a safety.
And Tom Compton stifled any possible momentum on the first drive of the second half with a holding penalty away from the play.  As LeVeon Bell converted a 3rd and 15 draw play.

– Out of nowhere there were at least 5 drops today.  The Berrios one mentioned earlier and a Robby Anderson drop in the end zone were absolute killers.

The best thing about this game and the winning streak ending is it prevents any false evaluation of the roster.  The OLine, pass rush and CB’s HAVE to be the main focus in free agency and the draft. You can read more about the New York Jets in our forums.

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Phil Sullivan

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