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Will We Ever See Adams Again In A Jet Uniform?

Jamal Adams

It seems like Jamal Adams high ankle injury is pretty serious and with only four games left he may not make it back on the field this season.  What’s going to be interesting to watch is the play of the defense without Adams.  If they play at a respectable or better level will that put the thought in Joe Douglas head that the defense can perform well without Adams?  If that occurs I will not be shocked if Douglas pulls the trigger and looks to send Adams to the Dallas Cowboys  in the offseason.  Getting back picks over the next two years to restructure and restock the team would be more beneficial than having a high priced impact safety.  Jerry Jones isn’t happy right now and I could see him making major changes, not only in their coaching staff but in their roster.  If Douglas could get something like a #1 and #3 this year and a #2 next year the roster could get overhauled quickly.  Imagine having these picks in the draft:

#1 our own
#1 DAL
#2 our own
#3 NYG
#3 our own
#3 DAL

That would be six picks in the first 100 players in a draft that is deep at offensive line among other positions (WR, CB).  Of course if the defense collapses over the final four games you can ignore this.

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