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NY Jets Under the Radar

In this time with facilities still closed a couple of issues that are “under the radar” will impact how teams prep for the season:

– How good are team’s IT and video departments?  Have they been keeping up with the advances in the industry?  Can they run the team’s operations smoothly with everyone decentralized?

– Is your locker room filled with players who are good workers and self-starters?  Are they going to be working out and in their playbooks even without coaches checking up on them?

– How good is your coaching staff in the classroom?  Can they convey/install their schemes in a “virtual classroom” with everyone spread across the country?

– With rookie camps and OTA’s being impacted I believe players that display certain traits will be in higher demand in the draft:

* Maturity and being a self-starter.  Have they developed a reputation in college for doing the right thing and not needing a coach breathing down their neck.

* Technique at their position.  The more proficient a player is the easier it will be in preparing them for the season.  A coach isn’t going to have time to restructure a players technique.

* Good positional strength.  The strength coaches aren’t going to have time to put them through a full program.  Do they have a decent level of strength to get onto the field.

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