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Impressions of Camp via Media Reports

New York Jets Training Camp

Due to Covid-19 and the new safety protocols, JetNation isn’t able to attend training camp in person this year. KRL put together these observations based on the 3rd party reporting that is being down from the main stream media reports.

Here’s what I can gather so far based on how I know they operate:

– Darnold has better command of the offense and is processing faster. His chemistry with the TE’s and Perriman seems to be good.  White seems to have flashed in his reps so we may have to “hide” him on the Practice Squad.

– #1 OLine has functioned decently and has better chemistry than what was expected.  Becton seems to be a quick study who isn’t overwhelmed by what’s getting thrown at him.

– At WR Crowder is a given and Perriman (with his frame) seems like he could be a more consistent replacement for Anderson.  But with no Mims yet the rest of the group has a lot to prove.

– The TE group is deep and improved.  With the questions at WR we may see a lot more 2 or even 3 TE sets.  With Herndon and Griffin able to flex out and stretch the field it makes sense.

– Bell and Gore are both in terrific shape and will be the mainstays of the running game.  Perine will get on the field in specials but I think this will be a “redshirt year”.

– The DLine seems to have maintained their performance from last year. But Williams has flashed and if he performs (he better) up to his draft status this group will take a huge step forward.

– Nothing special has been reported about the LB’s but it seems like Jenkins has been flashing consistent edge pressure.

– The injuries to Poole and Desir seems to have helped the CB group. Because Austin and Wilson have increased their reps and have been making plays pretty consistently.  When the vets return we may actually have a deep/talented group.

– The safety group is playing out like I thought.  McDougald has moved into FS, Maye has moved into the “hybrid” role and Davis is a “chess piece”.  And all have been consistently making plays.

We are still blind and won’t know anything until the BUF game but those are my 2 cents. Be sure to stop by our forums for updates and fan comments on Sam Darnold and the Jets.

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