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JetNation Power Ranking Week 9 (Top 10)

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) – The Chiefs have some holes as people are so fond of pointing out. The big question is if anyone can take advantage of them enough to keep up with Mahomes.   Last Week: 1
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-0) – The Steelers may have been disappointing in winning late in Dallas, but you can’t play at your best every week during a sixteen-week schedule. The big takeaway is that this team can win a road game without their best.  Last Week: 2
  3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2) – If this team can play a full game like they did in the second half against Indy, they can beat anyone. It still feels like they haven’t played as well as they are capable of yet. Last Week: 5
  4. Green Bay Packers (6-2) – The Packers won on Sunday the way you should against an undermanned team. Davante Adams is still open.  Last Week: 7
  5. New Orleans Saints (6-2) – The Saints have managed to win five straight under the radar – until Sunday night. The Saints made the loudest statement of the season in throttling Brady and the Bucs.  Last Week: Unranked
  6. Buffalo Bills (7-2) – The Bills are allowing 25 points per game. Their defense was highly rated coming into the season.  This offense doesn’t have the firepower to make it work if the defense doesn’t play better.   Last Week: 10
  7. Seattle Seahawks (6-2) – The Seahawks defensive struggles came to a head in Buffalo. That game was a playoff preview for Seattle if they don’t get better play on the defensive end.  Last Week: 3
  8. Tennessee Titans (6-2) – The Titans are dangerous, but nothing they have done so far make us believe they can win against KC, Pittsburgh, or Baltimore in December. Last Week: 9
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3) Sunday night was going to be the game where Tampa took over the NFC South and made a claim as the NFC’s best. Not so much.  Last Week: 4
  10. Miami Dolphins (5-3) – The Dolphins notched their fourth straight on Sunday with a road win against a quality opponent. They are mounting a real challenge to the Bills for the AFC East.   Last Week: Unranked
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