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JetNation Power Ranking Week 14 (Top 10)

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (12-1) – The Chiefs have run off eight straight wins and now and have the inside track on home field for the playoffs. They haven’t won a game by more than six points over the last five weeks, but wins are wins in November and December.   Last Week: 1
  2. Buffalo Bills (10-3) – The Bills scored their most impressive victory of the season Sunday against Pittsburgh. The defense has turned a corner and is making the Bills a major contender, rather than an also-ran in the AFC. Last Week: 4
  3. Green Bay Packers (10-3) – The Packers made it five wins in their last six games after winning in Detroit. They have their eyes on home-field with the Saints faltering in Philly. Rodgers may be the favorite now for MVP.  His three TD passes in Detroit gave him 39 on the season against only 4 INTs. Last Week: 5
  4. New Orleans Saints (10-3) – Their nine-game win streak came to an end in Philly on Sunday. Their scoreless first half illustrates just how much the team needs Drew Brees healthy despite how versatile Hill is behind center.   Last Week: 2
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-2) – The Steelers have failed to put up 20 points over their last three games and now are looking up at KC for home field in the AFC. The drops by the receivers and the lost running game are their most pressing concerns.  Last Week: 3
  6. Los Angeles Rams (9-4) – The Rams dominated the Pats and need to take care of business against the lowly Jets this Sunday. If they can avoid a slip up this week, they have the Seahawks the following week in a game that will likely decide who wins the NFC West. Last Week: 7
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5) – Tampa seemed to have used their bye week well taking care of Minnesota on Sunday. Health at WR and improved play by the secondary will make the Bucs the least desired wildcard opponent in the NFC.  Last Week: 9
  8. Seattle Seahawks (9-4) – The Seahawks bounced back nicely from the disappointing loss to the Giants. This week’s visit to Washington will be much more difficult than it looked like weeks ago.  If they can win it, they get a home game against the Rams for the division title.  Last Week: 10
  9. Baltimore Ravens (8-5)The Ravens saved their season Monday night against the Browns. They have a soft close to the season with the Jags, Giants, and Bengals on the calendar.  They should finish at 11-5 and rolling into January. Last Week: Unranked
  10. Cleveland Browns (9-4) The Browns had a chance to bury the Ravens playoff hopes on Monday night but let it slip away. The Cleveland offensive line goes largely unnoticed, but Mayfield has only been sacked seventeen times while the Browns average just under five yards per carry.  Last Week: 6
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