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JetNation Power Ranking Week 15 (Top 10)

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (13-1) – There’s no change at the top as the Chiefs won their ninth straight on Sunday. This time it was a road win against one of the best teams in the league.  It’s beginning to look like the Chiefs are on a level by themselves.   Last Week: 1

  2. Buffalo Bills (11-3) – The Bills have won the AFC East for the first time since 1995. Their starting quarterback was born in 1996.  The improving play of the defense makes Buffalo the biggest threat to the Chief’s run to the Super Bowl.  Last Week: 2

  3. Green Bay Packers (11-3) – The Packers have won four straight and are in line to secure home field for the playoffs. It still seems like they can play better.  They find themselves in long stretches of ineffective play on both sides of the ball.  It would be interesting to see them put together a full game at their best because they’re winning without it. Last Week: 3

  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5) – Tampa is yet another NFC team that has yet to play a complete game. They score just under 29 points per game with an offense that struggles to be on the same page at times.  If you can’t put things together after 14 games, when will you?  Last Week: 7

  5. Seattle Seahawks (10-4) – The Seahawks got an early Christmas gift from the lowly Jets on Sunday. If they can win at home against the enigmatic Rams this week, they are the division champs.  Both teams seem to be a step or two off the level of play of the other NFC contenders.  Last Week: 8

  6. New Orleans Saints (10-4) – Alvin Kamara is the team leader in receiving yards. If Michael Thomas isn’t full speed for the playoffs, the Saints will not last long in January. Last Week: 4

  7. Baltimore Ravens (9-5)The Ravens have won three straight games after dropping three in a row prior to that. Nobody in the AFC wants to deal with hot Baltimore team in the playoffs. Last Week: 9

  8. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3) – The Steelers are scratching their heads at a bad time in the season to be scratching your head. There are questions all over the field. There’s a real concern about the division lead as they face playoff teams in the final two weeks of the year.  Last Week: 5

  9. Cleveland Browns (10-4) The Browns have renewed hope for a division title with the Steelers struggles over the last three weeks. With a solid defensive game on Sunday, the Browns allowed fewer than 25 points for the first time in four weeks.  Last Week: 10

  10. Tennessee Titans (10-4) – Derrick Henry has an outside shot at a 2,000-yard season. With the offense chewing up that much yardage on the ground and time off the clock, one would think the defense would be able to hold opponents to less than the nearly 26 points per game the Titans allow.  Last Week: Unranked

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