NY Jets Training Camp

NY Jets Camp Notes 08/10/21

Robert Saleh

Alex Varallo was at NY Jets Training camp on Tuesday, here is his update from the action at Florham Park.

  • George Fant is participating with the team after his bout vs Covid
  • Ashytn Davis doing light work on far field, sprinting
  • David Moore #66 active and practicing, playing RG
  • James Hardee dealing with lower leg discomfort
  • Mims bobbles ball with 2nd string and #35 INT
  • Hamsah in 4-3 base, plays sideline to sideline. Covers RBs out in flat, blitzed a couple times but no pressure

Coach Robert Saleh had this to add about Hamsah:

Hamsah has been really good. Both those kids, (Jamien) Sherwood and Hamsah, both those rookie safeties that we’re converting to linebackers. They’re transition has been seamless. Hamsah looks fantastic, he’s got a lot of energy to him. It’s a matter of continuing to learn the game and learn the process and, learn all the little nuances that separate great players and just take it one day at a time. He’s doing a good job.

Josh Johnson reps
1: Fumbles snap in shotgun formation
2: Chris Herndon reception small gain
3:  Pass completion to #3 small gain

Running Backs
–Ty Johnson has had 3 nice runs today
–Michael Carter big run on left side with 3rd string
–Ty Johnson TD run left side 3rd string and again in goal line carry

–3rd string 11v11 nice runs from Michael Carter and Josh Adams, good blocking by Cager

Other Action
–Mike White to Denzel Mims on a deep pass
–Mike White to Wesco over middle big gain, lowers shoulder for a pop on 33
–Mike White to Coleman down sideline for a big gain

Matt Amendola
1: 32y attempt good
2: 42y good
3: 50y good
4: 56y good

Chris Naggar
1: 32y good
2: 42y good
3: 50y good
4: 56y good


first series 0-1 zero yards / 5 run plays
play 1: run right with Coleman nice gain
play2: Wilson forced out of pocket, small QB run
play 3: Power with 85 at FB, 25 Ty Johnson run left small gain
play4: inside carrier for Coleman out of shotgun, small gain
play 5: inside run Perine, two TE set Griffin and Wesco, motion 85 to Fb
play6: play action, deep throw into double coverage, PD #35

11v11 2nd series , Wilson 4 for 6
play 1: Drop pass by Herndon over the middle
play2:  Swing pass to La’Mical Perine small gain
play 3: Mims makes mistake on monition, resets, screen to Mims after double motion
play4:  Elijah Moore slant reception small gain
play5:  Screen to Kroft, pressure from Carl Lawson
play 6: Deep ball to Moore, tripped up, coverage sack

11v11 series 3 , Wilson 1 for 2
play 1: Motion #8 , run up middle by Wilson
play2: Pass deflection by Foley or JFM
play3: Pressure by Lawson, deep out completion to Moore

11v11 series 4, Wilson 3 for 3
play1: Screen pass complete to Moore
play2: Wilson holds onto ball very long, complete to Moore on crossing route
play3: Curl route completed to Corey Davis

11v11 series 5, Wilson
play 1: Deep pass complete to Crowder, longest or the day
play 2: drop by Corey Davis over middle on crosser
play 3: throw away, pressured by Nate Shepherd
play4: good pressure by Jarrad Davis, thrown away by ZW
play5: deep pass to Davis over #37 , PD by #29, good speed to ball

11v11 series 6: Wilson No completions
play1: Run up the middle by Ty Johnson small gain
play2: Interior pressure sack, thrown away 94 and 97
play3: DL sack, everyone involved

11v11 series 7
play1: Run to Perine stuffed by Lawson
play2: Big gain off screen to Perine in left
play 3: Small gain to Carter left side
play 4: Small gain up middle for Carter
play5: JFM and Lawson would be sack
play6: Perine up middle small gain
play7: Rollout to Yeboah small gain
play8: Carter up the middle for marginal gain
play9: Carter run left knocked over by Harrad Davis
play10: Marcus Maye interception

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Alex Varallo
Grew up in North Jersey about 20 minutes away from the stadium. Residing in Suffern, Ny. Patiently waiting for our next Lombardi trophy. Go Jets!

This Article Was Written By Alex Varallo

Alex Varallo

Grew up in North Jersey about 20 minutes away from the stadium. Residing in Suffern, Ny. Patiently waiting for our next Lombardi trophy. Go Jets!


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