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Patrick Mahomes Reacts to Tom Brady Retirement

Patrick Mahomes - Tom Brady

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes is considered by many as being a player with a very bright future, but the chances the Chiefs star can achieve anything like what Tom Brady has is another matter.

Mahomes and his Chiefs looked to be on course for a third successive Super Bowl before they were surprisingly defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals 27-24 in the AFC Championship game, though it should be noted that the 2018 NFL MVP completed a very successful season in terms of his personal contribution to Andy Reid’s team.

If you wanted to back the Chiefs to bounce back from this disappointment by backing them in the Indiana NFL betting, then you’d currently get odds of (+750) on Kansas going all the way, while perhaps unsurprisingly, a Brady-less Tampa Bay is far down the pecking order.

Mahomes was quick to respond to early speculation about Tom Brady’s retirement, taking to Twitter to make a simple but effective statement.

His single tweet just pictured a goat, making reference to the former New England Patriots man being the Greatest Of All Time.

He then went on to discuss the matter in more detail, making it abundantly clear just how high he regards the 44-year-old, seven-time NFL Super Bowl winner.

“His career is one of a kind. That’s why he’s the GOAT,”

“To win that many Super Bowls, to be in that many games, it’s hard, and I understand that. After the years that I’ve had, I’ve been close a lot, but I’ve only been there twice and won one. I understand that it takes a special player, a special group of guys, special circumstances for that to happen.”

“I’ll still do whatever I can to give myself a chance every year to try to get in that game and win it. But who knows if he retires? We don’t know for sure, but regardless of if he does or doesn’t, he’s going to be a great football player, and he’s always been a great football player in his career.”

On the loss to the Bengals, it was clear Mahomes was hugely saddened by the way things panned out in a game that his Chiefs side were the big favorites;

“When you’re this close, and you’re in the final four games, you want to win the Super Bowl. We have two years in a row where we’ve lost in the AFC Championship – actually four years, really. We lost the AFC Championship game, won the Super Bowl, lost the Super Bowl, and then lost the AFC Championship,” he said.

“So, a few plays here and there, you could have four chances at the Super Bowl, so I mean it’s definitely disappointing, but you have to learn from it. You can’t let this end what we have here. You have to make sure you continue to battle, continue to get better and try to find ways to win Super Bowls at the end of the day.”

Indeed, Mahomes has plenty of time to recover from this loss, and you can well expect future Super Bowl appearances from the 26-year-old in years to come.

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