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Season Totals Progress Review


Reviewing the preseason win totals for an upcoming NFL season is one of the most enjoyable things to do for any fan.  Reviewing them roughly a third of the way into the season can be painful though as things rarely go according to plan.  Injuries take their toll on the sport, and the unexpected becomes the norm. Five games into the season, it’s a good time to check progress on our season win totals.


Team Total Pick Current Record Comment Projection
Bills 11.5 Over 4-1 Should blow through 11 wins barring injury to Josh Allen Win
Buccaneers 11.5 Under 3-2 Don’t see them getting to 12 Win
Packers 11 Over 3-2 Missing Adams more than they thought Loss
Cowboys 10.5 Over 4-1 Surviving Dak’s injury nicely Win
Rams 10.5 Over 2-3 Much less motivated after winning it all Loss
Chiefs 10.5 Over 3-1 Still a top contender Win
Chargers 10 Over 3-2 Looks tight for 10 Push
Broncos 10 Over 2-3 What happened to Russell Wilson? Loss
49ers 10 Over 3-2 Looking like 10 might be right Push
Ravens 9.5 Over 3-2 On target, need to be more consistent Win
Bengals 9.5 Over 2-3 Big game loser’s hangover in effect Loss
Browns 9.5 Over 2-3 What was I drinking? Loss
Colts 9.5 Over 2-2-1 The league’s biggest disappointment Loss
Titans 9.5 Under 3-2 Brutal schedule tilts a close one our way Win
Eagles 9 Over 5-0 No stopping the Birds from 10 wins Win
Cardinals 9 Under 2-3 Eight seems like the top possible from AZ Win
Vikings 9 Over 4-1 Favorites for division crown Win
Dolphins 8.5 Over 3-2 Injuries an issue, but should get to 9 Win
Patriots 8.5 Under 2-3 Difficult slate keeps them to 8 or less Win
Raiders 8.5 Over 1-3 AFC West life is hard Loss
Saints 7.5 Under 2-3 On target, unsettled QB play will help Win
Steelers 7.5 Over 1-4 Thought defense would carry them.  Not. Loss
Commanders 7.5 Over 1-4 Competitive play not adding up to wins Loss
Giants 7 Over 4-1 Healthy Barkley help Giants blow past 8 Win
Seahawks 6 Under 2-3 Will be tight, probably find 7 Loss
Panthers 6 Under 1-4 Top five pick in 2023 draft Win
Jaguars 6.5 Under 2-3 Will be close, Sunday’s loss was a bonus Win
Bears 6.5 Under 2-3 Five more wins will be tough to find Win
Lions 6 Over 1-4 Showing heart but not winning Loss
Falcons 5.5 Under 2-3 Playing tough against better teams Win
Jets 5.5 Over 3-2 Should blow through 5 wins Win
Texans 4.5 Over 1-3-1 Tie might doom this pick Loss


At the 1/3 pole, we stand at a respectable 18-12-2.  More importantly, let’s look at how our best bets are doing:

Buffalo over 11.5

The Bills will push for the top seed in the AFC barring an injury to Josh Allen.  Looking at the remaining schedule, it would be a surprise if Buffalo doesn’t blow this total away.  We think 14 wins is a lock.

Tennessee over 9.5

The Titans have been disappointing so far, yet 10 wins is still very possible.  The Titans have been better late than they have been in the early part of the last few seasons.  They need someone to step up in the passing game, and the defense needs to be better overall.  As for hitting 10 wins, it will be close.

Atlanta under 5.5

The Falcons have been feisty through the first five games.  Despite dealing with a talent deficit, they have been in every game thus far.  The dirty birds have surprised us if we are being honest.  The question is can they can sustain that effort for the next two thirds of the season.  I think there may very well be four more wins on their calendar, so as of now, we have to expect to lose this one.

It would be cool if the books would post a new set of totals mid-season.  Now that we have had a chance to see how things are going, it would be fun to look to how the rest of the season will play out.  I am going to drop a hint in the suggestion box at Casino 777.  If enough of us do the same, maybe we get them to oblige.  Play some casino 777 roulette in your spare time in between watching the next Jets football game. Just don’t get so into it that you miss the game highlights!

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