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Week 6 NFL Thoughts


Week Six Thoughts…

  • Brett Favre and the miserable excuses for human beings with which he collaborated to steal money from poor people need to do real time. Not just fines, not country club jail for thirty days, not community service…real time at a real jail.
  • Ok, fine. I was wrong on the Giants.  I still don’t think they are an elite team, but 4-1 is 4-1.  Hats off, G-Men.
  • So, Matt Rhule was the problem in Carolina? OK, I’m looking forward to that juggernaut of a roster ripping off a nice win streak since they addressed the issue holding them back.
  • Where was this version of Geno Smith when he was with the Jets?
  • The rumors of the death of the Cowboy’s season have been greatly exaggerated.
  • Now that’s how Monday night games should be. Thanks, KC and Las Vegas.
  • I am rooting for Sam Darnold. Who’s with me?
  • Not sure anything can stop the collision between KC and Buffalo in the AFC Championship game.
  • Not sure if there’s ever been a more disrespected 5-0 team than this year’s version of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Birds can run it, throw it, and play defense.  There are few teams that can say the same thing.
  • Not in love with all the two-point conversion tries of late. I get the attraction, just doesn’t always make sense.
  • The personal foul for that Brady sack was atrocious. One or more officials need to miss a game or two and some money for that mess.
  • Saw a flash about the Bills checking in with Carolina about Christian McCaffrey. Please Carolina, trade him to anybody but Buffalo.
  • I am enjoying not having a fantasy football team for the first year in quite a while.
  • It’s official…I can’t give up the 9:30 a.m. start time for football on Sunday.  More, please.


Our Heroes in Green

That’s what I’m talking about.  It was just the kind of game the old Jets would find a way to drop.  Not the 2022 Jets.  Nope.  The Dolphins were down, and we kicked them just like we needed to.  Gang Green was 5-6 in the red zone and didn’t turn the ball over.  A +2 turnover margin will win a lot of games in this league.  Zach was efficient and Breece Hall was in beast mode all day long.

Next week’s game is the Jet’s toughest of the young season.  Green Bay will be ready after dropping a very winnable game to the Giants in London.  Green Bay doesn’t usually play poorly in back-to-back weeks.  It will take the best game the Jets have played all year to leave Wisconsin with a win.   The good news is that the Jets confidence is high, and the cross-town Giants put a blueprint on film for the Jets to emulate.  The Giants found soft spots in the Green Bay run defense and a less talented receiving core was effective against the Green Bay secondary.  The Jets receivers are more talented by far than the group filling in for the Giants last week.  The Jets secondary can cover this group of Green Bay receivers.  The Jets can get pressure on Rodgers.  My concern is the Green Bay running game.  When the Packers are down, they go back to basics.  Green Bay ran for 203 yards in week two after dropping their opener.  If the Jets are hyper focused on Rodgers, Aaron Jones will hurt them.  If the Jets can stop the run, they will be in the game with a chance to win it late.

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