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NFL Power Rankings (Spoiler: The Jets Are on the List)

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JetNation NFL Power Rankings

  1. Philadelphia Eagles 6-0 (Last Week: 1) The Eagles created separation in the NFC East with a big division win against the Cowboys. The schedule sets up well for the Birds to get to at least 10-0 if they can stay focused.
  2. Buffalo Bills 5-1 (Last Week: 2) The Bills notched an impressive win on the road in KC. Josh Allen’s play has him rising into some rare NFL atmosphere.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs 4-1 (Last Week: 3) a home loss would usually mean a slide in the rankings but losing to the Bills is nothing to apologize for. The Chiefs did give up the inside track to home field advantage Sunday and that may play into how things shake out come January.
  4. Minnesota Vikings 5-1 (Last Week: 6) The Vikings are operating under the radar. Minnesota has run off four straight wins and own a two-game advantage in the division. The Cardinals come to town this week with DeAndre Hopkins scheduled to return.
  5. Los Angeles Chargers 4-2 (Last Week: 5) The Chargers make nothing look easy, but they got the win against Denver. They Bolts are talented enough to be winning more consistently and more easily than they are.
  6. New York Giants 5-1 (Last week: 8) The Giants are the league’s magicians, able to snatch victory out the rabbit’s hat of defeat. The Giants have had a penchant for being behind throughout the game and taking control just as the final gun goes off. It would be encouraging to see Big Blue get up on the lowly Jaguars this week and win one decisively.
  7. Dallas Cowboys 4-2 (Last Week: 4) Dak returns off the division loss to the undefeated Eagles. The whispers of quarterback controversy will become a roar if the Cowboys don’t handle the Lions and Bears at home over the next two weeks.

  8. New York Jets 4-2 (Last Week: Unranked) Gang Green hits the board for the first time in years off an impressive road win in Green Bay. Defense and the running game are powering the Jets and both need to play well again on the road to support a passing game that needs to find its stride.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals 3-3 (Last Week: Unranked) The Bengals are still struggling to protect Joe Burrow, but they are finding just enough to make to work. If they can get decent play along the offensive line, they are in position to take control in the AFC North where nobody seems to want to be in front.
  10. Tennessee Titans 3-3 (Last Week: Unranked) The Titans made it three straight wins Sunday against Washington. Nothing stands out for the Titans, but they are always playing better at the end of the season than at the start. The Colts come to town this week, and a win would put the Titans in firm control of the AFC South.
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