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Week 7 NFL Thoughts

Robby Anderson

– Hey, didn’t you used to be Aaron Rodgers?

– So, there’s a dozen ways for the NFL to boot a player or coach out of the league (they even found some dirt on a coach that isn’t coaching right now), but just one insanely difficult way to get rid of a lowlife like Daniel Snyder. That seems fair.

– This season’s trade deadline has that big-things-are-gonna-happen feel to it.

– Where were you when the New York Jets went to Green Bay and beat the Packers?

– I will trade you the Thursday night games if we can keep the 9:30 a.m. games on Sundays.

– What is it about wide receivers? Robbie Anderson is just the latest pass catcher to fight openly with his coaches on the sidelines and get booted out of the game.

– I could not find this at any of the sportsbooks this week, so I gotta do it myself…the Jets are -1.5 against the Giants in this season’s Super Bowl.

– The Bills are impressive. Buffalo has outscored its opponents by ninety-five points thus far. The next best team is +56 (Philadelphia).

– It’s fun kicking Brady around a little. I just feel like it’s not even midseason, and we may be overdoing it, and that has come back to bite us like every single time.

– If nothing else, you gotta give Baltimore style points for how creative they are at finding ways to lose football games.

– If the playoffs started today, the Rams, Packers, and Cardinals would be out.

– If the playoffs started today, the New York Jets would be in.

– The Patriots are decent. I was really looking forward to a 12 or 13 loss season for Bill and fellas.

– Has a defending champ ever cared as little as the Los Angeles Rams?

It’s hard to remember a bigger regular season win. Sunday’s win in Green Bay was as sweet as any in recent memory. This one came on the backs of the defense. The Jet defense was amazing. Green Bay ran for only sixty yards on the day. The Jets sacked Rodgers four times and put pressure on him consistently. Quinnen Williams had two of those sacks, and he spent the day disrupting just about everything the Packets wanted to do offensively. The Jet defense also collected the game’s only turnover – a fumble by Rodgers. The Jets stand at 4-2, much better than anybody thought they would be at this point in the year.

Next up for our heroes are the downtrodden Broncos. Denver is not the team people expected when Russell Williams was acquired in the offseason. Williams has played poorly. The former Seahawk is hurt, and his status for the game is up in the air. While the Broncos might have ninety-nine problems, defense is not one of those. The Broncos have held opponents to under seventeen points per game despite the 2-4 record. Denver is third in yards allowed and tied for fourth in the league with nineteen sacks. No matter the issues the Broncos are facing, playing in the mile high city has never been fun for visiting teams, and this will be the Jets second straight road game.

This one might be a rock fight with both teams struggling to move the ball. The Jets must improve on third downs. The team was a miserable 1-11 last week in Green Bay. The passing game was a big reason for the third-down problems. The Jets gained only ninety-nine yards through the air last week. Those numbers have to get better if the Jets are going to move to 5-2. The Jets should find success again penetrating the Broncos porous offensive line. Creating short fields for the offense will be key in what will be a defensive brawl. Russel Williams’ ability to create on the run will be limited if he plays through the injury. The defense will need the same type of pressure stats they posted last Sunday to win. On offense the Jets will need another big game on the ground to set up the play-action pass. If the Jets don’t double their air output from last week, they will fall to 4-3.

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