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NY Jets Playoff Drive Starts Today

Zach Wilson

Shockingly, everything is in front of the Jets as they reassemble after the bye. The NY Jets Playoff drive starts today. Here is what is on the table right now:

– The #1 seed in the AFC
– The #1 spot in the AFC East

They need to raise their sights and not settle for sneaking into a wildcard spot. Let’s see how mature/serious the roster and staff are as they prepare for the final eight games.  One good sign is we heard absolutely nothing in terms of players getting into “off the field shenanigans” during their off-week.  The offensive side of the roster should be stronger with the return of Corey Davis, George Fant and Max Mitchell.

The big questions are can Wilson take a step and be more consistent in taking what the defense gives him in terms of check downs.  Can he show better awareness on when to leave the pocket and pick up 5+ yards on scrambles?

Mike LaFleur and Miles Austin have to find a way to get Elijah Moore involved to make this offense more explosive.

As far as the defense is concerned, I’m hoping to see Jeff Ulbrich add a few blitz wrinkles to ensure we aren’t predictable.  I’d also like more reps for our young edges (Huff & Johnson).

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