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Coming Out of the Bye; Zach Wilson Your Time is Now

Zach Wilson

The Jets had a bye to stew on their most impressive win and their most disappointing effort of the season.  Beating the Bills was the shot heard around the league. The loss the week before was a whimper. The highs and lows of those two consecutive weeks are astounding. In addition to stewing over the last game against the New England Patriots, I hope the Jets spent time figuring out how to run for more than 51 yards against the New England defense. I also hope that Zach Wilson’s play takes the sting out of watching Justin Fields play. I’m not looking for Wilson to run for 150 yards, I just want to feel like the team has its franchise quarterback.

The Patriots want this to be a rock fight. The Jets can win a rock fight, but they enter the game with more offensive talent so a pretty game would suit the Jets just fine. That means a big-time effort from Wilson and the offensive line. The Pats don’t have the firepower to stay with the Jets if New York plays well offensively.  If Wilson and the offense can produce, the Pats will need to play an offensive game New England isn’t comfortable with, and that should mean sacks and turnovers for the Jet defense.

A win in New England would put the Jets on the top of the division based on head-to-head with Miami.  A loss in New England off the bye will drop the Jets from second to last place in the division. Welcome to the 2022 NFL season.

It’s a big game. It’s the biggest game the Jets have had in years, and it’s the latest in the season the Jets have had a big game in years.  In the big picture, I know we should be happy even if the Jets drop the game this week, given expectations at the start of the season. In the short term, I don’t care. I want a win.

This team is capable of winning this week and probably should.  Odds makers have made this a toss-up, with the Pats giving the standard three points based on home field and lots of recent history between these two teams.

It’s time for the Jets to win a toss-up.



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