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Week 11 NFL Thoughts

Week Eleven Thoughts…

  • That sound you heard was the Minnesota Vikings crashing through the door to the elite level of NFL teams. Seven straight wins is nothing to take lightly.
  • So, I guess Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers weren’t quite ready to give up on the season.
  • Josh McDaniel is on his way to becoming the latest Bill Belichick assistant to do poorly as a head coach.
  • The Commanders might think they have a quarterback controversy, but they don’t. This is Taylor Heinicke’s team now.
  • It’s November and the New York Jets have an important game this week. That’s a nice feeling.
  • This would be a good time for Zach Wilson to start playing the best football of his career.
  • I think the Browns picked the wrong week to have a game in Buffalo.
  • As I understand it, the surgery that Cooper Kupp needs is used in situations where you have a high ankle sprain, your team sucks, and they have no interest in trying to compete anymore, and they want to protect their best player for next season.
  • When the New York Jets win in New England this week, they will be in first place in the AFC East.
  • The Ravens play their next seven games against teams with losing records. The AFC playoffs may run through Baltimore if the Ravens stay healthy.
  • I’m not going to be impressed with Jeff Saturday unless the Colts win this week too.
  • This passive aggressive argument Pete Carroll is having with Russell Wilson through the media tells you all you need to know about Pete Carroll.
  • The Cowboys are doing that thing again where they play very well for a while, build expectations, then finish the year by disappointing all their fans.
  • Is Trevor Lawrence a disappointment yet, or do we have to give him more time? I feel like the hype coming out of college would have meant he would be as good as fast as Andrew Luck.

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Nick Ferraro

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