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Week 12 NFL Thoughts

NFL Thoughts
      • The Vikings played about as bad as you can play in a game where a lot of people were watching to see just how good they are.
      • Speaking of coming up small in a huge spot, the Jets just asked the Vikings to “hold my beer”.
      • There are a multiple NFL teams that would like a do-over on the 2021 draft.
      • The Commanders have won five of six and are a good story no matter what the state of their dysfunctional front office.
      • Kansas City has homefield again and the toughest part of their schedule is behind them.
      • Zach Wilson has four touchdown passes. Joe Flacco has five.
      • I am thankful for the Giants Cowboys game on Thursday.
      • Robert Saleh may need to delegate the decision on when to bench a quarterback to someone with a more offensive-minded approach.
      • I am hoping Kyle Pitts can come back fully from his season-ending surgery. This league needs its young exciting offensive players.
      • The Broncos waved Melvin Gordon after his fifth fumble of the year helped the Raiders to a road win in Denver. Denver has allowed the third fewest points in the league, but are just 3-7 on the season
      • Yeah, I have to admit I scanned the potential free agent list for this coming offseason after the Patriot game on Sunday. The brightest lights will shine on Lamar Jackson potentially hitting the market. Another name on that list that stood out…Geno Smith.
      • The quarterback is taking most of heat and deservedly so, especially after the post-game press conference. The other guys who deserve a good amount of that attention play offensive line for the Jets.
      • The 49ers win on Monday night was enough to push them into the third seed in the NFC playoff hunt. The Niners are an unimpressive 6-4. The NFC is not very good.
      • So, Jimmy Garoppolo was supposed to be traded before the season started. Then he wasn’t and was supposed to languish on the bench behind Trey Lance.  Now he is starting, in line to be a free agent, and he has 15 touchdown passes and just 4 INTs.  It’s good to be Jimmy G.
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