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Week 13 NFL Thoughts

Mike White

Week 13 NFL Thoughts

      • The Ravens botched an absolute dream schedule to end the season. They have nobody left with a winning record on their schedule, and they had a two-score lead in Jacksonville and blew it.
      • I’d like very much to believe that Mike White was more responsible for his strong play than the terrible Chicago defense, but there’s no way to know yet. We will find out as Gang Green visits Minnesota and Buffalo in the next two weeks.
      • The Bengals won a huge game in Tennessee Sunday. Now they play the Chiefs at home, so we will see if they are going to be a factor down the stretch.
      • With the Bucs losing Sunday to the Browns, every team in the NFC South has a losing record.
      • Josh Jacobs is making himself a much wealthier man with his play this season. Jacobs will be very popular in free agency this offseason.
      • The Packers have a few reasons to make the rib injury Aaron Rodgers sustained against Philadelphia a season-ending one. A chance to look at Jordan Love is probably the biggest.
      • Dan Campbell can coach my favorite team any day.
      • Interceptions are a poor gauge of cornerback play. None of the top-rated corners are among the league leaders in INTs. If a corner is covering well, the quarterback doesn’t throw his way, so the corner’s chances for INTs is low. Sauce Gardner has just 2 INTs, but he ranks among the top corners in the league through eleven games by any worthwhile statistical measure.
      • If I could get a do over for anything this season, I don’t think I would replay any of the Jet losses. I think it would be to call Breece Hall over for a drink of water before the play where he got hurt.
      • When a team runs on you for 363 yards and goes over 500 total yards for the game, you got manhandled. I am talking about you, Green Bay.
      • I hope if he honestly had a medical emergency, that he’s okay. If not, it will be interesting where Odell Beckham ends up on the Kanye -Kyrie scale for potential financial opportunities lost.
      • Do you remember Johnny Manziel? No, me either.
      • I have not seen much of Caleb Williams, a sophomore quarterback at USC. The small sampling that I have seen of Williams had a very Patrick Mahomes vibe to it.
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