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Will the last uninjured Jet offensive lineman please turn out the lights?

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Week fifteen thoughts around the NFL.

  • The Raiders gotta be feeling good. It only takes a starting quarterback 48 hours of being on the opposing team to beat the Raiders.
  • Will the last uninjured Jet offensive lineman please turn out the lights?
  • I think we can all relax on the expectations for the Miami Dolphins.
  • There has never been and never will be any point in keeping Joe Flacco on the roster.
  • Jalen Hurts is the 2022 MVP. We can stop the race now.
  • The Vikings have amassed 10 of the most unimpressive wins in the history of the NFL.
  • Russell Wilson’s head injury was just plain scary. The Broncos are going nowhere. I hope they are smart enough to let him get healthy and try it again next year.
  • The Jet’s defense did its job again in Buffalo.
  • I understand that any team can raise its level of play and compete over its head on any given Sunday. However, I’m not sure the level of celebration by the Cowboys after the comeback win at home against the Texans was appropriate for the accomplishment.
  • The mirrors the Giants were using to win games early in the season are not working anymore.
  • I am okay with the Jets missing the playoffs. I am not okay with the Jets missing the playoffs and the Patriots getting in.
  • I am guessing Kliff Kingsbury will be available in the off-season. Ditto Nathaniel Hackett.
  • I guess Gronk will stay retired after all.
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