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Jets Banged Up Heading Into Jags Game; Injury Report

Quinnen Williams

The NY Jets have a short week with a game coming up on Thursday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars. On Monday, Robert Saleh provided this NY Jets injury update.

  • Jeff Smith who did not finish the game, he’ll be questionable for the game for Thursday.
  • Denzel Mims is in the concussion protocol, he’s most likely going to be out.
  • Zonovan Knight will also be questionable, but his arrow’s pointing up, he’s dealing with an ankle.
  • Corey Davis, we feel very confident that he should be able to roll on Thursday.
  • Mike White is still going through evaluation.
  • Quinnen’s Williams arrow’s up. Hopefully, we’ll get him out there on Thursday
  • Lamarcus Joyner will be questionable
  • Brandin Echols will be out.

Quinnen Williams missed the game on Sunday but there was a chance he was going to play. Saleh spoke about that and explained it this way.

It was probably more wishful thinking, hoping that he would wake up on Sunday and be ready to roll. It just wasn’t, at the same time, we feel very optimistic about Thursday. Obviously, he’s got to do a couple of things, but he’s better than 50/50 this week.

Is Mike White getting more scans? What is needed before he is cleared for contact?

That’s a good one. I think that’s going to be more with him and, again, all the different opinions he’s getting outside the building with regards to getting more scans. A lot of doctor talk, I’m not going to get into it here, but there’s more scans to see how much he’s healed. There was talk that they felt like a week could show some more healing — some callus, if you will — that will allow him to get on the field, but again, that’s something that he would have to get from another doctor and still be able to talk to our doctors about, too. So, there are a lot of hurdles he would have to go through.

Here is the full NY Jets injury report that the team sent out. Note there is an error in the graphic, they listed the days this week as Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Instead of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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