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JetNation NFL Power Rankings; Week 18

Josh Allen

Week Eighteen

    1. Buffalo Bills 12-3 (Last Week: 2) The Bills will need to find the strength to deal with the awful events of Monday night and the struggle Demarr Hamlin is going through.
    2. Kansas City Chiefs 13-3 (Last Week: 3) The Chiefs are rolling and will be a problem for any team they face in the playoffs.
    3. Philadelphia Eagles 13-3 (Last Week: 1) Clearly the Eagles will only be a contender if Jalen Hurts is able to get healthy.
    4. Cincinnati Bengals 11-4 (Last Week: 4) The Bengals may be the hottest of any of the contenders in the AFC.
    5. San Francisco 49ers 12-4 (Last Week: 5) Nine straight wins have the Niners in position to take the top seed in the NFC if Philadelphia falters.
    6. Dallas Cowboys 12-4 (Last Week: 6) The Cowboys need to rely on the power running game to make a run as a wild card.
    7. Los Angeles Chargers 10-6 (Last Week: 8) The Chargers have won four straight and five out of their last six games. They are very capable of an upset in the post season.
    8. New York Giants 9-6-1 (Last Week: 9) The Giants are playing their best football of the season at just the right time.
    9. Minnesota Vikings 12-4 (Last Week: 7) The Vikings got burned by a red-hot Packer team. Expectations for the playoffs are very low.
    10. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8 (Last Week: Unranked) The Jags have won four straight and have resurrected what looked like it was going to be a dumpster fire of a season. Jacksonville is playing well on both sides of the ball.
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