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Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson & NFL Thoughts

Zach Wilson

Here are Jets and NFL thoughts after the tough loss to the Dallas Cowboys in week 2. I don’t know if the Jets can win that game, even if Aaron Rodgers was able to play. That’s a tough trip, no matter what. Dallas is for real, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

  • I see that people are disappointed in how the defense played in Dallas. The defense was on the field for over 42 minutes. 42 minutes…that is just ridiculous. The ’85 Bears couldn’t deal with being on the field for that long.
  • Though I think the defense is taking more criticism than they should for Sunday, nobody should catch 11 balls for 143 yards on the Jets. Nobody.
  • I am worried that the sideline interactions between the Wilsons, like the ones we saw Sunday, may become testier as the season goes on. I know which Wilson will be here long-term and which one will not be if things deteriorate beyond repair.
  • Aaron Rodgers is targeting the playoffs for his return from injury. Cue up Jim Mora and the famous “playoffs” rant, please.
  • Zach Wison is the league’s lowest-rated passer through two games. His running on Sunday was a bright spot. They need to work that into the game plan more. Not only does Zach move well, but it will take pressure off this limited offensive line.
  • It is disappointing that with all the push the Jets get from the middle of their defensive line, their end rushers are not getting home. Even average defensive ends and outside rushers should be able to take advantage of all the attention opposing lines have to give Quinnen Williams.
  • The Patriots are good on defense but not as good as Dallas. At home, this Jet offense needs to reach at least 175 yards passing and 100 yards rushing. They also need to keep the ball for at least 25 minutes.
  • I am long past hoping for a zero-turnover game from Zach. I would just be happy if none of the interceptions had me staring blankly at the television, unable to speak, with a sharp pain behind my eyes.
  • I am sad that the rest of this season will be played without Nick Chubb.
  • The Broncos and mastermind Sean Payton are 0-2.

So, who decided that New Orleans at Carolina should be a Monday night game?

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