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JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) – Week 3

JetNation NFL Power Rankings

Week Two of the 2023 NFL season has given us plenty to talk about, from dominant performances to shocking upsets. As we head into Week Three, we’ve put together our NFL Power Rankings, the top teams you should be keeping an eye on. The Eagles are soaring but facing concerns on pass defense, while the 49ers are looking like the most well-rounded team so far. Down in the rankings, the NY Jets show promise on defense but have significant room for improvement on the offensive side of the ball. Buckle up, fans; it’s going to be a rollercoaster of a season!

1. Philadelphia Eagles (2-0)
Last Week: 1
The Eagles ran over Minnesota in the literal sense. The pass defense is a concern that Philly must address to stay on top for the long haul.

2. San Francisco 49ers (2-0)
Last Week: 2
The Niners can match Philly’s run game, and the Niner’s defense appears to be more complete thus far.

3. Dallas Cowboys (2-0)
Last Week: 4
Dallas is the early season’s most dominant team. Through two weeks, Dallas has outscored their opponents by 60 points. We are eager to see them in San Francisco in week five – the first real challenge for the Cowboys.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (1-1)
Last Week: 3
The Chiefs have been surprising on both sides of the ball – positively on defense and negatively on offense.

5. Buffalo Bills (1-1)
Last Week: 5
The Bills had much more success on offense with Las Vegas than they did with the Jets. Their offense will find its stride now with weaker defenses on tap.

6. Baltimore Ravens (2-0)
Last Week: 6
The Bengal’s struggles are music to the Raven’s ears. Rookie Zay Flowers seems to be exactly what the Ravens needed at wide receiver.

7. Miami Dolphins (2-0)
Last Week: 7
The Dolphins host Denver in their home opener before a showdown with Buffalo. The Fins are moving the ball with ease both on the ground and through the air.

8. Washington Commanders (1-1)
Last Week: Unranked
The big comeback in Denver is the type of win that can sustain a team for a few weeks. The Commanders will need the momentum this week against the Bills.

9. New Orleans Saints (2-0)
Last Week: Unranked

The Saints may not post a pretty win all year. If the defense continues to allow just 16 points per game, New Orleans will be a factor in the NFC.

10. Detroit Lions (1-1)
Last Week: 8
The Lions had control on Sunday until turnovers turned the tide. It was a big disappointment given the huge win opening night in Kansas City. The Lions should be able to push to 4-1 with the Falcons, Packers, and Panthers coming up.


20. New York Jets
Last Week: 16

The Jets are a hard team to rank. They are markedly less potent on offense without Aaron Rodgers, but the defense is among the best in the league. The trip to Dallas wasn’t very telling as we knew the Jets would struggle against the Dallas defense. Competing in week one and ultimately winning against the Bills without Rodgers has breathed some optimism into things.  New York should be able to stay in games with a strong defense, but quality opponents will simply wear them down and outscore them as the Jet offense sputters.

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