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JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) Week 10; Jets Drop to 20

JetNation NFL Power Rankings

The JetNation NFL Power Rankings for Week Nine are in, putting the spotlight on the league’s top contenders and underdogs. From the Eagles’ narrow escape to the Jets’ quarterback quandaries, we’re giving you the rundown on who’s leading the pack and who needs to shake things up to stay in playoff contention. Check out where your team stands as we head into the heart of the season.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)
Last Week: 1
The Eagles nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory Sunday. They held on and once again put Dallas on the road to a wild card. There are areas that need to be addressed, but Philadelphia has fewer trouble spots than any other team in the league.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (7-2)
Last Week: 2
The Chiefs were clearly the better team Sunday against Miami. The playoffs still run through Kansas City, and it’s the defense leading the way.

3. Baltimore Ravens (7-2)
Last Week 4
The Ravens are rolling. If they pass the test this week against a strong Cleveland defense, they match up with Cincinnati in a huge mid-season tilt that will go a long way to determining the winner of the AFC North.

4. Dallas Cowboys (5-3)
Last Week: 5
The Cowboys fell again to Philadelphia and will likely have to pursue a wildcard. Dallas was impressive in defeat, and, if they can address a few areas of concern, they could still be the NFC’s representative in the Super Bowl.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-2)
Last Week: 6
The Jags host San Francisco this week. If Jacksonville can continue the 49ers skid, the Jags won’t be flying under the radar anymore.

6. Detroit Lions (6-2)
Last Week: 7
The Vikings are looking to make things harder on the Lions. If they can win on the road against the Chargers, Detroit gets two winnable home games against Chicago and Green Bay to try and put some distance between themselves and Minnesota.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (5-3)
Last Week: 8
The Bengals are quietly making their way back to the race. The huge win in San Francisco sets them up to be back in the AFC mix with a home win this week against Buffalo.

8. Miami Dolphins (6-3)
Last Week: 3
Miami is taking on the feel of last year’s Vikings. The Dolphins are piling up sins against lesser competition but are unable to win against top-tier competition.

9. San Francisco 49ers (5-3)
Last Week: 9
The Niners needed the bye week to get healthy and fix what ails them. San Francisco’s precipitous fall could easily continue with a challenging trip to play the surging Jaguars this week.

10. Cleveland Browns (5-3)
Last Week Unranked
The Browns need even the score against the Ravens who blasted Cleveland in week four by a score of 28-3. If Cleveland again falls to Baltimore, their path to the division crown will evaporate.
20. New York Jets (4-4)
Last Week: 11
The Jets need to make a change at quarterback. If they lack the courage to at least use Tim Boyle or Trevor Semian to send a message to starter Zach Wilson, they will wake up at 4-7 and out of the hunt for the playoffs.

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