Injury Report

NY Jets Injury Report; Duane Brown Uncertain, Aaron Rodgers Update

NY Jets Injury Report

Robert Saleh spoke to the media on Wednesday and gave the first NY Jets injury report of the week. The full report is below and there are updates on Duane Brown, Aaron Rodgers and several other players.

So, we’re in a walk through today. Billy Turner won’t practice. Chazz Surratt won’t practice. Sam Eguavoen is dealing with his hip, so he won’t practice. Then you’ll see a bunch of guys on the injury list that are are limited or full. You guys will see that later, but everyone else is going to be part of practice.

Will Duane Brown be activated this week?

I’m not sure. I know we have until Thanksgiving with him, to make the decision on him, but again with him just communicating and just seeing where he’s at.

Aaron Rodgers; How do you figure out where you guys are?

God, your guess is as good as mine. Oh, you’re talking about like the-

The decision of whether to let him come back this year. If the doctor says he’s healthy, you say alright, he’s our quarterback or do you go ‘Hey, he’s 40 years old coming off an Achilles, whatever the record is then we have to evaluate and think about, as you say globally? Right?

Yeah. No, you’re right, but at the same time, Aaron’s a big boy, grown man and no one’s going to know Aaron’s body, like Aaron knows his body, and if he feels, after all the doctors clear him and I’m sure there’s a million of them, I have no idea on that stuff, but if Aaron says he wants he’s going to play.

Is there like a pressure to keep this afloat for that possibility?

Pressure is to keep it afloat just to keep it afloat. Pressure to go to the playoffs is always pressure. It’s not for anyone individual, it’s not for any possibility, it’s because we’re competitors and we want to win football games and I think Aaron’s just icing on the cake.

He said yesterday he’ll be back pretty soon with the team full time, I guess next week. What does that mean? I mean, what does it mean for the team to have him here every day as opposed to popping in once a week. Also, just does he attend meetings or how does that even work?

Yeah. I would imagine he’s going to want to reacclimate to meetings and all that and reconnect himself, so there’s been a lot of changes to the system since he’s been out and just trying  to figure things out with the guys that we have. Obviously, I’ve said it before the, I have an admiration for him, we’re very young on the offensive side of the ball and his veteran presence is always welcome, but for him personally speaking, for Aaron not to speak for him, but just to get himself back in the building, reacclimated around his teammates, reinvolved in meetings and then whenever his clock starts, it starts. If it’s able to at all.

You‘ve spent a lot of time talking about how you had a system for Aaron, you had to change it for Zach (Wilson). Can you go back to a system for Aaron like that?

Yeah, it’s not that an entire system must change, but there’s a lot of nuances that gets followed in terms of just trying to recalibrate the offense for where you’re at and for the strengths that the individuals have, whether it’s pulling back or whatever it might be. When it comes to Aaron obviously the things are different and things that we’ve been working on for six months prior to the to the injury, yeah, some of that stuff gets revisited and brought back to the table.

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