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JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) Week 12

JetNation NFL Power Rankings

Check out our latest NFL Power Rankings, featuring the top 10 teams shaping the league. The Philadelphia Eagles maintain their top spot with a crucial win, while the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs jostle for dominance. Surprises from the Detroit Lions and consistent play from the Baltimore Ravens highlight the rankings. The San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, and Cleveland Browns each show potential, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans rounding out the top 10. Plus, a glimpse at the New York Jets’ struggles and their hopes pinned on a quarterback change.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (9-1)
Last Week: 1
The Eagles found a way to win in Kansas City. It involved some cooperation from the usually sure-handed Chiefs receivers. The Eagles don’t have to apologize for winning against a good team on the road. This is still the most balanced team in the NFL.

2. Dallas Cowboys (7-3)
Last Week: 3
The Cowboys continue to hammer lesser competition. Nobody will care until they show up against the league’s best. The next opportunity comes on December 10th at home against Philadelphia.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (7-3)
Last Week: 3
The Chiefs were their own worst enemies on Monday night. Philadelphia was the last winning team Kansas City will face this season. A long run is coming that will have the Chiefs at home for the playoffs yet again.

4. Detroit Lions (8-2)
Last Week: 4
The Lions didn’t show up until the last half of the fourth quarter on Sunday. It was enough to win and it may be a springboard for Detroit to start a string of top-tier efforts.

5. Baltimore Ravens (8-3)
Last Week 5
The Ravens have to be giddy with how things are going in the AFC North. Joe Burrow is hurt, and the Steelers are shuffling their coaching staff. Cleveland isn’t going anywhere despite the loss of Deshaun Watson. The Ravens need to find a way to replace the production that injured tight end Mark Andrews provided.

6. San Francisco 49ers (7-3)
Last Week: 7
The Niners appear to be back in form after their three-game skid. They get to show it with road tests in Seattle and Philadelphia coming up.

7. Miami Dolphins (7-3)
Last Week: 6
Miami has been sluggish on offense the last two weeks. They need to be vigilant against the Jets who may be motivated off the embarrassing loss to Buffalo and a change at starting quarterback.

8. Cleveland Browns (7-3)
Last Week: 8
If the Browns can get consistent play at quarterback without Deshaun Watson, they can play long into January.
9. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3)
Last Week: 9
The Jags are a nice team looking for a win that will make people take notice. Jacksonville still doesn’t have a win against an elite team.

10. Houston Texans (6-4)
Last Week: Unranked
The Texans make their first ever appearance in the top ten off three straight wins. Houston will be tested this week against the Jaguars. If they notch their fourth straight, it will time to mention the playoffs in the same sentence with the Texans.
27. New York Jets (4-6)
Last Week: 24
The Jets had their worst day of the season Sunday in Buffalo. The one-sided loss led to the benching of starter, Zach Wilson. The embarrassing loss might end up being a positive if the team can rally around Tim Boyle or Trevor Siemian. If the change flops, things will get very ugly in the Meadowlands.

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