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NFL 2023 Analysis; QB Play is Poor

Joe Flacco

NFL 2023 Analysis

– Quarterback play has never been this poor in my lifetime, new lows are being set in the NFL 2023. Only half the teams in the league have what I would consider a capable player at quarterback on their roster. I can’t remember so many quarterbacks coming out of retirement or right off the street in a season. Couple the dearth of talent at quarterback with a down cycle for offensive linemen, and there are multiple games each week that are simply unwatchable.

– If the Patriots part ways with Bill Belichick, I would put the over/under at five in regard to the number of minutes that would go by before a team calls him to offer their head coaching spot. Ditto for Mike Tomlin. In fact, Tomlin may be more attractive as a candidate given his age. I can understand the Pats thinking it’s time for a change and Belichick not being very interested in a rebuild. I am not sure what the Steelers thought this season would look like. If there is someone who was going to push the Steelers to better than 7-7 in the toughest division in the league, I’d love to know who that guy is.

– The Raiders are the league’s least penalized team. The perennial leaders in drawing yellow flags have flipped things around. The commitment to excellence bunch can’t win anymore, but at least they don’t lose a lot of yards to penalties.

– I think we are on minute 13 of Tommy DeVito’s 15 minutes of fame. It could have been a good story, but they pushed it way too hard.

– The Giants seemed resigned to moving on from Daniel Jones. I think he could be a good quarterback in the right situation. He’s never had a decent wide receiver or a capable and healthy tight end during his tenure with New York. He’s mobile, and he plays hard. I think he’ll make the Giants regret letting him go.

– The Jet’s offensive line played as bad as an offensive line can play Sunday in Miami. If Aaron Rodgers hadn’t been injured on opening night, he would have been shortly thereafter. I was for bringing Mekhi Becton back as a backup or possibly transitioning him to guard. Not anymore. He’s a total bust and needs to go

– Will McDonald had a half sack on Sunday against the Dolphins. This concludes the list of bright spots from Sunday’s game.

– The Dolphins outscored the Jets 64-13 in their two matchups. If this were college football, Miami would be criticized for scheduling the Jets.

– I am not on board with those who are calling for Robert Saleh to be let go. Saleh’s record is an unflattering 16-32, but he has not had a quarterback during his tenure. I still think the injury to Aaron Rodgers gives Saleh a mulligan on the season. If management is thinking of a change, they may be looking to this week to decide things. The Commanders are terrible, and they are likely going to part ways with their head coach, Ron Rivera, at the end of season. I don’t think Saleh needs to win to keep his job, but if the Commanders come to the Meadowlands and rip the Jets, it may be seen as evidence that Saleh has lost the team, and his fate may be sealed.

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