Passing Game Film Review – Good McCown – Week 2 (Raiders)

The Jets, predictably, lost for the second time this year in as many weeks.  The Oakland Raiders covered their betting

Film Review: McFrown – Week 1 (Bills)

While Josh McCown took the safe route for most of the game against the Bills, there were many instances where

Film Review: Good McCown – Week 1 (Bills)

The Jets suffered a loss to the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday, and the entire team looked inept.  The offense

Film Review: Christian Hackenberg – Preseason Week 2 (Lions)

The Jets did not have a good week, as they lost to the Lions this week in the pre-season.  

Film Review: Bryce Petty (Overall): Preseason Week 1 (Titans)

It’s Christian Hackenberg or bust for many Jets fans at this point, and maybe the Jets as well.  With an

Film Review: Christian Hackenberg (Failure): Preseason Week 1 (Titans)

Christian Hackenberg certainly had his moments in the pre-season game against the Titans, and there were instances when his teammates

Film Review: Christian Hackenberg (Team Failure): Preseason Week 1 (Titans)

As with any team sport, sometimes you can do everything right and still be let down on the play.  In

Film Review: Christian Hackenberg (Success): Preseason Week 1 (Titans)

Christian Hackenberg might be the most scrutinized second round pick in NFL history, vilified among fans and reporters alike for

Scouting Rookies: ArDarius Stewart vs. Ole Miss (2015)

The Jets selected ArDarius Stewart in the 2017 NFL Draft, and many fans are intrigued as to how he will

Christian Hackenberg- Foot Mechanics

The possible rise or fall of Christian Hackenberg is possibly the biggest subplot of the 2017 season for the New

Secondary Aptitude Test- Failure – Week 1 (Bengals)

So after viewing the good defensive plays from Week 1, let’s look at the bad plays.  The Jets secondary was

Secondary Aptitude Test- Passing Marks – Week 1 (Bengals)

The 2017 NFL Draft for the Jets were marked with even more commitment to the defense, as they doubled down