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Do You Miss Football?

The NFL has become a year round obsession for so many fans.  As soon as the season ends, the speculation begins.  Football fan forums, twitter, Facebook and blogs have become outlets for die-hards fans.  Rooting for a football team has become a 12 month fascination for so many. Except this year, because of the NFL… Read more

Chad Pennington Tears ACL Playing Basketball

Some stories seem like April Fools Day jokes.  Unfortunately for Chad Pennington, this one is serious.  The oft-injured Pennington tore his ACL playing a game of pickup basketball.  Per Chris Mortenson on Twitter: Chad Pennington can’t catch a break, needs ACL surgery after injury in pick-up basketball game. This is another tough break for Chad. … Read more

Site Update (Lockout Issue)

The NFL Lockout has resulted in our two main sponsors cancelling their contracts with us. We simply can not afford the hosting costs without them. So while the lockout is underway we are going to have to put the site on hold. Hopefully we can resume it when the lockout is over but we will… Read more

Sources: NFLPA Wants Draft Boycott

As the NFL lockout continues the players and owners are making blogging about the NFL a very painful experience.  The old saying, “no news is good news” simply just does not make us feel better.  In this case, no news means no NFL.  Not a situation that any of us ever wanted to be in… Read more

No NFL Union; What Does This Mean?

Since the players union has decertified the question everyone is asking is what does that mean?  According to a site that tells the players side of the story: • Because a fair, new Collective Bargaining Agreement was unable to be reached by the expiration of the current contract, the NFLPA, to best serve its… Read more

The NFL Labor Plot Thickens; Players Decertify Union

Today was the deadline for the latest contract extension and a new deal was not reached.  According to NFL labor talks broke down just hours before the latest contract extension expired Friday. The union decertified, and players including Tom Brady and Peyton Manning sued the league, putting the country’s most popular sport on a… Read more

Foxborough Gets Tough On Public Inebriation

Here is an interesting story about how Foxboro is getting tough on public inebriation.   They are implementing $200 fines for public drunkenness.  Hey Fitzy will you prepay that charge or just settle up each week? FOXBOROUGH — In the past three years, as local bars and tailgaters have multiplied, the Patriots’ hometown has seen a… Read more

Watching Paint Dry

As we wait for the NFL Labor situation to get resolved the NFL news business is pretty slow.  It seems that the owners have taken the fun out of the speculation game.  How can the fans build their dream rosters without any of the rules being known? Will there be an 18 game schedule? What… Read more

Recap Of NFL Labor Negotiations

We figured a brief recap of the labor negotiations would be helpful.  The CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) has expired.  The players are not threatening to strike, the owners have threatened to lock the players out.  There is some good news: A union source told NFL Network’s Albert Breer on Friday that “we’ve made more real… Read more

Roger Goodell Statement On Negotiations

Roger Goodell spoke with the media today in regards to the NFL labor situation.  Not surprising but the Commish didn’t say much, they are in a media blackout. Transcript of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell 3/4/11 – Washington, DC “As you know we’ve extended our agreement for mediation for another seven days. We are continuing to… Read more

Fox Sports: FOX Sports Exclusive NFL can’t use TV cash in work stoppage

Adam Caplan from has an excellent update on a judges ruling that will prohibit NFL owners from taking TV money in the event of a work-stoppage. U.S. District Court Judge David Doty overruled special master Stephen Burbank’s recent ruling that the owners could use the $4 billion in television money they had stashed away… Read more

NY Jets Lose Offensive Coach

Now that we have your interest, no it isn’t Brian Schottenheimer.  From The Jets Assistant Offensive Coordinator Mike Bloomgren, who had been with the team since 2007, has taken a job at Stanford as the Offensive Line Coach and Running Coordinator. His bio on the Jets website notes that he was a quality control… Read more

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