New MetLife Stadium Cornerstone Partner: Moody’s

In some MetLife Stadium news, the Jets and Giants just announced a new cornerstone partner. Welcome to the family Moody’s. Here is the press release with the announcement.  Moody’s Teams Up with the New York Giants and New York Jets as the New Cornerstone Partner of MetLife Stadium NEW YORK – Tuesday, April 23, 2024… Read more

Will Jets Finally Learn After Zach Wilson Flop?

Death, taxes and the New York Jets drafting but failing to develop a quarterback as this time it’s Zach Wilson sent packing. Wilson follows Sam Darnold, who followed Mark Sanchez, who followed Geno Smith, who all failed under the same plan.  No matter the GM, no matter the head coach it’s always the same. … Read more

Tom Shane’s Draft Media Brain Worms 2024 Mock Draft

From the JetNation Forums, courtesy of TomShane. So, I’ve gotten big into listening to podcasts at work to make the day go by and, predictably, it’s turned my brain into rock candy, and I thought I’d share with the group the fetid stew of information gleaned from these more reputable NFL podcasts, in mock draft… Read more

Jets Ship Zach Wilson to Denver in Swap of Day 3 Picks

Joe Douglas and the New York Jets have brought an end to the Zach Wilson saga as the disappointing quarterback is being shipped off to the Denver Broncos. The Jets will pick up a sixth-round pick from the Broncos while the two teams have agreed to split Wilson’s 2024 salary.  Each club will pick… Read more

Sign Up for a Free Account on the JetNation Forums Today!

JetNation Forums With the NFL Draft just around the corner, excitement and user activity in the JetNation Forums are soaring to unprecedented levels. To ensure a seamless experience for all our dedicated members during these high-traffic periods, we may occasionally need to restrict access for guest viewers. Avoid the disappointment of missing out on key… Read more

What Are Fans Saying About the Upcoming Jets Draft?

The countdown is winding down because draft day is almost here. So much talk, so much speculation. We know fans are always opinionated and passionate. So we wanted to give you a glimpse of what other fans are saying about the upcoming Jets draft. Jets Draft Talk Tackle or receiver in Round One? Thoughts on… Read more

What Players Will Be at the 2024 NFL Draft?

Years ago, it seemed like so many players were in attendance at the NFL Draft. In recent years, the list has grown shorter. Insert a flashback to Brady Quinn’s awkward draft night video here. This year, 13 players are confirmed to be in attendance. The NFL sent out this press release last week; the list… Read more

Jets Draft Updates: NFL Network Analyst Daniel Jeremiah 2024 NFL Draft Conference Call

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah held a conference call on Wednesday previewing the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit April 25-27. Here are the Jets Draft updates from that call. Jets Draft Updates You just touched on the crux of my question. I think you mocked Marvin Harrison and the Jets in one of your… Read more

Aaron Rodgers In the News Again; Draft Talk – NY Jets Podcast On this episode of JetNation Radio, our NY Jets Podcast, we review which players the Jets have had in for their top 30 visits. Aaron Rodgers is in the news again and Glenn Naughton, Dylan Tereman and Chris Schubert discuss a few more of “our guys” in the upcoming NFL draft. What will the… Read more

New Jets Uniforms

The NY Jets announced new uniforms today. The announcement from the team appears below. This is a throwback to the sack exchange era. Here is a long thread from our forums about the new Jets uniforms. Page 6 has the most recent comments from today. New Jets Uniforms Uniform Designs are Inspired by the Team’s… Read more

Looking at the NY Jets Roster

Glenn Naughton gave us an update on the Ashytn Davis move the other day. So now is an excellent time to look at where the NY Jets Roster stands as we head closer to the NFL Draft. Our good friend Sarge handles all the things related to the roster for us. He posted an interesting… Read more

Favorite NY Jets Draft Prospects at Every Position Favorite NY Jets Draft Prospects at Every Position On this episode of JetNation Radio, our NY Jets Podcast, the guys reveal their favorite players at each position in the upcoming NFL draft while discussing the possibility of a trade down from the tenth overall pick. Originally recorded on April 11, 2024. Special thank you… Read more

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