Nick Ferraro Weekly Top Ten

By Nick Ferraro 1. Indianapolis Colts 13-2 The Colts coast into the playoffs as the clear favorite to win Super Bowl XL. 2. Denver Broncos 12-3 The Broncos secured the #2 seed and appear to be on a playoff collision course with the Colts yet again. 3. Seattle Seahawks 13-2 The Seahawks took care of… Read more Weekly Top Ten

by Nick Ferraro Senior Columnist 1. Indianapolis Colts 13-1 The Colts may be more dangerous now that they can focus on the playoffs. 2. Cincinnati Bengals 11-3 The Bengals are division champs for the first time in 15 years. 3. Denver Broncos 11-3 The Broncos are looking to hold down the #2 seed in the… Read more Weekly Top 5

Top Five By Senior Columnist Nick Ferraro 1. Indianapolis Colts 8-0 The Colts exorcised their ghosts on Monday night. 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2 The Steelers survived the inept Packers without Big Ben. 3. Denver Broncos 6-2 The Broncos have an extra week to prepare for the hated Raiders. 4. Atlanta Falcons 6-2 The Falcons had… Read more

Money Matters

By Nick Ferraro Resident JetNation Bookie As we head into Week # 2, it’s not too late to think about money matters. Season win/loss totals are some of the most enjoyable such “mattersâ€?. Here are a few choice picks to get the 2005 investment season off to a good start. Jacksonville Jaguars Season Win Total… Read more

NFL Preview ~ East

By Senior Columnist Nic Ferraro The final installment of our NFL preview continues with a breakdown of the NFL’s East Divisions. In the AFC the defending champions are looking to extend their dynasty, as the Jets and Bills are eager to end it. In the NFC the champion Eagles figure to continue their hold on… Read more

NFL Preview ~ NFL South

By Senior Columnist Nick Ferraro Our NFL preview continues as we storm through the NFL South. The South will provide this year’s rags-to-riches story. Will Manning finally get by the Pats? Will he get out of an improving AFC South? NFC South Division Rank: 6th Last Season: Atlanta 11-5 New Orleans 7-9 Carolina 7-9 Tampa… Read more

The World Series of Football

By Nick Ferraro Only 12 of the 30 starting quarterbacks played in all 16 games last season. With the emphasis placed on pressuring the signal caller, it’s probable that your team’s backup will see significant time under center. Qualifying for the post-season may hinge on the number two’s ability to stay above water while the… Read more

The Piniella Rules

By Nick Ferraro Recently Lou Piniella chastised a reporter after being asked why the manager chose to leave his starting pitcher in the game after surrendering six runs in the second inning. It was a typical day for the Devil Ray’s followed by a typical Piniella tirade containing more expletives than the Rays have wins… Read more

The "Show:" Congress Comes After Baseball

by Nick Ferraro Columnist Cartoon courtesy of baseball Baseball’s major leagues has long been called “The Show‿ by minor leaguers hoping to someday reach the game’s highest level. That metaphor has taken on new significance over this past week. The U.S. Senate held hearings on the illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs by Major League… Read more

March Sanity: The Usual Suspects Will Prevail

by Nick Ferraro Guest Columnist ~Our Vegas expert gives his perspective on the NCAA Tournament The NCCA tournament is here. There will be wild finishes, great drama, and intense competition. What will make this year’s dance unlike the rest – the lack of madness. The analysts will cite how balanced the field is, they’ll talk… Read more

Rolling the Dice: The Myth of Drafting the Franchise QB

by Nick Ferraro Contributing Columnist The NFL draft is a yearly beacon of hope for fans and front offices. Endless hours are spent measuring the potential of college athletes in the hopes of landing a group of players to build a champion. The greatest focus is on those select few who grade as first-rounders, and… Read more

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