Jets Report Card

New York Jets Week 10 Report Card

New York Jets Week 10 Report Card

Jets @ Cleveland Browns

Another week, another squeaker… but the Jets are now one of only 2 teams in the AFC with only 2 losses.

Quarterback: A

Mark Sanchez: 27/44, 299 yards, 3 TD (1 rush, 2 pass), 1 INT

For the most part, Sanchez was phenomenal today. His sole turnover was a hail mary that was thrown a little low. He put up 2 touchdowns through the air (one in overtime) and a third on the ground. Mark escaped from pressure on numerous occasions to make the big play, and only looked better after he injured his knee.

Running Backs: B+

Tomlinson: 18/57/0, 6 receptions for 53 yards
Greene: 20/72/0, 3 receptions for 22 yards
Brad Smith: 5/39/0 (There’s no wide receiver/quarterback/running back position, so I have to put the dude SOMEWHERE)

Tomlinson and Greene both moved the ball effectively on the ground, and probably should have had more opportunities near the goal line. As usual, LT contributed in the passing game but the real surprise today was that Greene made his own contributions in the passing game as well.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: B+

Edwards: 4/59/0
Holmes: 5/76/1
Cotchery: 3/43/1
Keller: 3/25/0

The wide receivers and tight ends came up big today, whether it was Braylon moving the chains on a tough 3rd down, Cotchery’s miracle catch when he was clearly injured, or Santonio’s overtime touchdown. Now, can we just get Keller back into the game plan?

Offensive Line: A-

The offensive line made a few mistakes (penalties) and allowed pressures of Sanchez at times, but overall they put together an excellent game and you can really see them coming together as a unit. They were tremendous on the ground.

Defensive Line: B

The defensive line needs to generate more pressure on their own, but again they showed how good they are against the run. Hillis was nowhere near as effective as he has been in recent games.

Linebackers: C

The linebackers played a solid game, but bit on play actions too much and were highly susceptible to reverses and misdirections. They overcomitted.

Secondary: A

The secondary performed admirably today, allowing just 18 catches — but here’s the thing: the majority of those catches were by running backs and tight ends. In five quarters, Cleveland’s wide receivers produced next to nothing. Tremendous.

Special Teams: F

Nick Folk missed three field goals, one of which was a total chipshot. You have to hope this won’t effect him moving forward. Weatherford didn’t have many opportunities, but didn’t take advantage of the ones he had. The return game was mediocre, but at least they didn’t allow Cribbs to take one back.

Coaching: C+

Ryan is keeping his team in the game on the road in hostile environments. The defense was fooled early on but at least Rex and Pettine are making the right adjustments at the half. Schotty, on the other hand? Not so much. He refuses to run the ball in obvious run situations (3rd and 2 in the redzone, 2nd and goal on the 2, etc.) and empties the backfield to make his play calling transparent. Just compare his work to that of the Browns offensive coordinator, who called all the right plays to keep the Jets off balance. Schotty is running this offense re-actively instead of proactively, and it may cost us sooner or later.

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