Herman: The Spotlight is on YOU Now

By JetNation Columnist
Tyson Rauch

Ok, Mr. Herman Edwards, it is time to issue you a challenge from all of the New York Jets fans. In every relationship there is give and take and, in this case, I am willing to overlook the following things:

1) Your annoying “Hermisms� on media day as well as your clueless looks on the sideline.
2) Your inability to figure out how to wisely manage a game and efficiently use your timeouts.
3) The fact that you started Chad when he was not healthy, and did not play Brooks when he was healthy and the only mobile QB on the team.
4) The fact that you continue to pound Curtis Martin into the ground even though he averages three yards per carry.
5) The fact that you say you “Play to win the game� but in reality you play to not lose the game.

In return, I would like you, Mr. Edwards, to take the following challenge: Get the team that you built and have sworn by all year to get to at least 7-9 this year. Yes, that means go 5-3. Are you up to the challenge? Can you actually bring a desperate team with everything going against them out of this hole?

Herman, with your keen knowledge of NY Jets history I am sure you are aware that a coach named Parcells faced the same enviable task in 1999. The team high had expectations and was loaded with talent then in the first game of the season the starting QB is knocked out for the season, as well as a couple more starters. The team fell into shock and continued to lose and struggled to find its leader. Then all of a sudden a surge hit and a young mobile quarterback named Lucas, yes Ray Lucas, lead this team of veterans back to respectability. The team was playing hard, smart and brought hope back to their fans. Can this be your team, Herm?

Last year’s teams like the Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills and New Orleans Saints faced the same injury challenges and found the ability to pull their programs together and actually make late runs at playoff births. Why can’t this be your team, Herm?

Are you willing to take this individual challenge? No more scapegoats, no more excuses! Just take the full responsibility upon yourself and lead this team. If the team fails, you fail. When the team makes mistakes, they are your mistakes. This challenge will be the basis of your survival with the Jets organization. You up for it, Herm?

Football is a game of dealing with adversity and taking advantage of opportunities. Things come up in football on a daily basis that can throw a team for a loop and it is up to the head coach to keep them strong and focused. When things look bleak, the players look to the coach for direction. What direction are you going to lead us, Herm?

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