NFL Power Rankings

  1. Green Bay Packers – (1) – The undefeated dream is dead, but the NFC Championship will still run through Green Bay.
  2. New Orleans Saints – (2) The Saints win streak is now six.  They will be formidable in the post season.
  3. New England Patriots (5) – The Pats stopped the Broncos streak and have home-field advantage in reach.
  4. San Francisco 49ers – (9) The Niners dominated the Steelers in primetime.  They are looking to score a first-round bye.
  5. Baltimore Ravens – (4) The Ravens showed little in San Diego, but got help from the 49ers to stay on top of Steelers in the division.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers – (3) The Steelers posed no threat to the Niners defense on Monday night.  It was a lost chance to take control of the division.
  7. Atlanta Falcons (10) – the Falcons appear to be a lock for the postseason, and they can make a big statement with a win in New Orleans on Sunday.
  8. Houston Texans – (6) The Texans are fighting, but they have no chance in the postseason without better play at quarterback.
  9. LSU – (NR) Nobody in the NFL seems to be able to play well enough to deserve a top- ten ranking.  Geaux Tigers!
  10. Alabama – (NR) Roll tide!
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