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Randy Lange Chat – 11/29/05

[Jetnation Lounge]: RandyLange has entered at 7:57 pm

[Maxman] 7:57 pm: Hi Randy thanks for joing us tonight.

[RandyLange] 7:57 pm: Hey, thanks. Nice to be here. Give me a minute and I’ll be right back. I can go to about 9:20 pm before

I have to do some Boston radio.

[Maxman] 7:58 pm: R44 will be the host this evening, he will start off with a few questions and then we will open it up to the floor. Please let me know when you are settled and ready to go.

[RandyLange] 7:59 pm: Good holiday and the same to you all. I’m ready to rock.

[Maxman] 7:59 pm: Okay R44 its all yours….

[R44] 8:00 pm: Randy thank you for being here…. I think all lot of Jets fans would like to know how the Jets will attempt to address the quarterback situation in the off-season?

[RandyLange] 8:02 pm: Thanks, R44. I’m not sure anything is set yet. First they have to know where they’re drafting. Then they need to see Chad’s progress or lack thereof. It’s fluid at the moment, but my guess at this time is they will give Chad the chance to win the job again — barring any medical news like his shoulder is in danger of falling off. If they don’t pony up the March roster bonus, that will be a sign they like someone in the draft or free agency. But with all the needs they have, I think they could still go with Pennington-Fiedler-Bollinger or Pennington-X-Man-Bollinger or Pennington-Bollinger-X-Man.

[R44] 8:03 pm: Randy, another frequently asked question is the status of head coach Herm Edwards and GM Terry Bradway, going forward? How much chance either or both will be let go?

Also, has media treated Herm better than they did other embattled coaches like Bruce Coslet, Joe Walton and others?

[RandyLange] 8:05 pm: From what Woody said the day before Thanksgiving, everyone stays. That is, unless some team, such as

KC, were to call Woody on Jan. 2 or thereabouts and ask for permission to talk to Herm. I don’t think Herm will quit or Woody will fire him. But I still think there is a chance that the sides could come to a
mutual parting of the ways if others enter the fray. As for Bradway, I suspect he and Mr. T are here for at least one more year.

[RandyLange] 8:06 pm: I know there is a feeling out there in JetNation that Herm has gotten off easy. But I see criticism coming in his direction these days, not from everybody but from certain areas. I said at the beginning of this season that the ball’s in Herm’s court now because he had all his coordinators in place. Then of course the QB situation fuzzed up the picture. But there is no vibe that I can detect that Herm really is leaving or that Woody wants him to leave.

[R44] 8:06 pm: Randy this may seem silly, but are the Jets reading all this Reggie Bush hype by fans and the media? Let’s be honest, many fans and media are rooting for the Jets to lose to improve their draft, how does that sit?

[RandyLange] 8:08 pm: I’ve heard the lose-the-rest-of-the-games theory. I understand it, but it is not the thinking of anyone on the team. Even if the Jets lose out, they could still not get one of the top two picks, not with Houston and Tennessee (which would have a worse strength of schedule if they and the Jets finished tied) ahead of them. The players don’t want to be any more embarrassed than they already are. And Herm can’t afford to let this team finish worse than it would left to its own devices. I really believe the Jets need to try to win as many of the rest of these games as they can. If they win them all or lose them all, so be it. The draft will take care of itself. I know others disagree with me on this.

[R44] 8:10 pm: Thank you Randy, great replies

[eightiesjets] 8:07 pm: If Herm were to leave for KC or be fired is there any chance an assistant would be promoted? I’ve lately been thinking that Mike Westoff would be a good replacement. The jets could retain the rest of their staff. Westoff is well respected, a brilliant tactician, and well liked by players. Any chance of Westoff being promoted as interim coach for a year or so?

[RandyLange] 8:11 pm: Westhoff is a good name. Mike Heimerdinger should be a consideration, although with the offense the way it is, even though the injuries aren’t Dinger’s fault, I think he’ll need another season or two to resuscitate his head-coaching aspirations. I suspect Woody would get a list of candidates (if Herm leaves) from T-Brad, and Woody may want to see some new names from outside the organization.

[aec4] 8:10 pm: Ok, here is my question(s) about the cap. The TV guys insisted we’re 30M over for 2006. I’m sure they were including Abraham (8.008M), etc. I was wondering the following: a) Do you know anything about the signing bonuses given 2005 to the rooks? b) Do you know of any major roster bonuses besides Pennington/Law (option Bonus)? c) Any big cuts coming? (Martin, Mawae, Kendall, Fabini, etc?)

[RandyLange] 8:13 pm: On the cap question, I’ve heard $30M over or slightly less. The Jets have to shed dollars, how much remains to be determined. I don’t have the ’05 signing bonuses for rookies, but since there was no No. 1 in that class, I don’t think that’s a big part of the cap problem. You mentioned some likely suspects. I think Martin, Mawae and Kendall will be asked to restructure. Fabini could be released. Law could be released. If Abraham answers T-Brad’s durability concerns, he could sign a new deal and become cap-friendly. Those are the places to start.

[Fred Jetstone] 8:12 pm: “Brooks Bollinger has become a semi-hot commodity, the quarterback equivalent of Google … well, at least when Google first went public.” I love it Randy. However, Google is a super hot commodity. If Chad can’t come fully back..and he can’t…what is the realistic possibility that “Bollywood” will be the starting QB next year? It makes sense doesn’t it? Rather than wasting a pick on a scrub or leinart or an “unproven”, draft D’Brickshaw or Bush and let Bolly run the show. What do you think?

[Fred Jetstone] 8:14 pm: Has Bolly proven himself to you, on a scale of 1-10?

[R44] 8:13 pm: Not so sure Leinart is scrub, but we know were your going with this     

[RandyLange] 8:15 pm: Fred, thanks for quoting from my favorite writer. I just wonder if Herm, assuming he’s here, which he’s led us all to believe he will be, really likes Bollinger that much, or if Heimderdinger does. I want to see more of Brooksie in the last five games. In a way he’s got an audition similar to Ray Lucas in ’99. Of course, he’s a much better QB than Lucas was, but he’s got to win some games, and there are games there to win–at least one over a hurtin’ New England team, Oakland, Miami, Buffalo.

[Fred Jetstone] 8:16 pm: Can he carry the team with a beefed up line/

[RandyLange] 8:16 pm: If Bolly wins some of these games, he could convince Herm he made a mistake taking the ball out of Bollinger’s hands and putting it in Vinny’s paws for TB and the next three losses after that.

[Fred Jetstone] 8:17 pm: Thanks, Randy. Nice article today!

[RandyLange] 8:17 pm: Bollinger, Fred, is still around 5 or 6 on that 1-10 scale. He did nice work vs. NO. But he has to be consistent, not melt down as he did at CAR again, and win multiple games.

[Abraham_Vilma_Miller] 8:17 pm: hey randy, thanks again for being here. You touched on Pennington, Bollinger, and the qb situation in whole already, but what do you think about pennington specifically? can he still be the “franchise qb” for us? And any thoughts on if him bulking up over the off season?

[RandyLange] 8:19 pm: AVM: That’s a tough question in part because Chad’s not talking a whole lot to any of us in the media these days, nor are the Jets about Chad, although I’m sure that will change in the coming weeks. I asked Chad about the bulking-up question in the preseason and he implied he was OK with his size. That may have to change. A lot of medical types are saying it’s far from a slam dunk that Chad returns in 2006 or ever from a second shoulder surgery in less than a year.

But I think if any one can do it, Chad can. I know he doesn’t have the strongest arm around, but that SI survey that found him to have the weakest arm in the NFL was bogus. His arm wasn’t too weak in 2002, and he’s got as good a mind-set as one can have to try to come back from this setback. Now whether he can or not, I’m not a doctor although I play one in the newspaper occasionally.

[Smizzy] 8:20 pm: One of the main reasons the Jets drafted Mike Nugent in the 2nd round was because of his leg strenth. So far this season he is 1 for 38 on touchbacks and ended up short on a potential game-winning FG. In your opinion, does it have more to do with Nugent’s actual leg strength or his adjustment to a NFL “kicking ball”?

[RandyLange] 8:22 pm: On Nugent, yes, this has not been the kind of season you want to see out of one of the highest drafted kickers in NFL history. His leg strength and the K-balls are conspiring to limit his kickoffs and his FGs. Hitting any 53-yarder is tough under the best of conditions. but this kid nailed a 55-yarder to beat Marshall last year. Now he has no tee and is working with K-balls, but you don’t want him to impersonate Doug Brien too often. His kickoffs haven’t been a big problem in the sense that he and Westhoff have been working on directional kickoffs almost every kick and trying to pen returners to one side of the field. The opponents’ average drive start after kickoffs is so-so, not horrible, not great. But the best I guess I would say about Nugie is that this is a good season for him to struggle (much as he did as a freshman at Ohio State), but he needs to improve his leg strength in the off-season.

[Bugg] 8:24 pm: I’ve heard Peter King say that everyone at Hofstra is a little too comfortable-almost negilgently so- throwing around the injury excuse-any thoughts? Followup-Any idea what role John Lott’s departure played in the injuries,any sense that conditioning has fallen off? Does Edwards’ free&easy media access equal better coverage? Thanks!

[RandyLange] 8:26 pm: Bugg: Herm has said he doesn’t use injuries as an excuse, but I think he wants it both ways, to be able to say I don’t make excuses, but by the way we have lost five starters and have 10 on the IR. Really, he’d be better off letting talking heads in the media make the case for him, which is a good one: Hey, the Jets lost their first 2 QBs within 7 plays in Game 3. This is going to be a difficult season.

[RandyLange] 8:28 pm: As for John Lott’s leaving, there could be something to that. Markus Paul was NE’s assistant strength coach — that’s good. But this is his first gig running the strength show — maybe not so good. Not all the injuries would be preventable no matter who the strength coach was. But you wonder about Mawae (triceps tendon), Barton (biceps), Fabini (pectoral). And I’ve heard that some guys aren’t super-diligent when it comes to the weight room. This is an area Herm, I believe, must address as part of his new off-season agenda.

[RandyLange] 8:29 pm: Having Herm as the HC makes it easier to get high-level info on the Jets than it was under Bill “CIA” Parcells. But my feeling has always been, you tell me the parameters I have to work under and then I’ll get to work. Either type of coach is OK by me as far as dealing with the media. Perhaps not all my colleagues agree.

[eightiesjets] 8:25 pm: Randy, thanks again for answering all of our hectoring questions. Here’s another one. How bad is this offensive line? I’m still mystified as to how Terry and Herm could have let it go to pieces the way that they did. Who starts next year, and do you see a 1st round choice here? Its really hard to judge Bollinger and even Martin based on how badly they’ve played. Your thoughts?

[RandyLange] 8:32 pm: On the OL: Yeah, I agree. It began for me with Kareem McKenzie. The Jets knew more than a year in advance that they probably wouldn’t be able to keep him, so the OT answer was Fabini-AJones, which soon became AJones-Fabini and now is AJ-Gragg. Then there is the backup C situation. Ideally, it should’ve been Jonathan Goodwin, but then they found out at BUF that Goody short-snapped the QB too much. Bad backup plan. I still think the O-line can be good, but the Jets need a new RT (is it Cavka?) and better backups at G and C.

[RandyLange] 8:33 pm: Followup on the OL: I don’t know how they can pick an OL in the first round, unless they use their high pick and turn it into 2 or 3 lower picks. They also need a speed WR, probably Curtis’ heir apparent unleess you’re OK with Blaylock-Houston, and maybe someone to replace Chris Baker, who is a free agent after this year, although I haven’t heard he wants to leave.

[R44] 8:28 pm: Randy, can you talk about Doug Jolley for a moment? Did his play against New Orleans provide a glimmer of hope that he can be the Jets version of Frank Wycheck (Dinger’s former star pupil)?

[RandyLange] 8:36 pm: R44: On Jolley, it’s hard to believe he’s been as bad as he looked up to NO. He looked decent in camp, but I always was of the opinion that they settled for Jolley, who always had an excuse for why each of his first three seasons as a pass-catching TE for OAK weren’t that great. But I think Jolley’s blocking a little better and he’s showing some of those receiving skills, so maybe this is another silver lining to this season, that Jolley is going to have to become a more complete TE.

[R44] 8:36 pm: Thank you Randy, the Jets definitely need him to do better.

[JetsMan57] 8:36 pm: Hi Randy, first I would like to commend you on a job well done with “Stadium Stories.” It is a very good read. Now to my question; Why hasnt the defense received more heat from the media this season? They have been disappointing with one of the more talented units in the league and Donnie has been out-coached in many games this year. Vilma hung Donnie out to dry after the Denver game w/ his comments. Is the D receiving a pass for perhaps being demoralized with all the injuries to the offense?

[RandyLange] 8:38 pm: JetsMan: Thanks for the recommendation. The check is in the mail. Yes, the defense has underperformed, and if you haven’t seen the hard-hitting stories you like on that, I suspect they are coming. The D-line has underperformed and that’s been the key to a lot of the problems. Vilma is having in my opinion a very good season but not great because he’s had inconsistent DT help keeing OG’s and C’s away from his legs. Also, I don’t think he’s a great blitzer. Then Mark Brown is playing OK but is limited, Victor Hobson is up and down, and the secondary is a work in progress. One day you think their safeties are set for five years, then Erik Coleman struggles. Ty Law has a pick one quarter, a penalty the next. Justin Miller is up-and-down for David Barret, who’s been up-and-down. They should be playing better than they have been. The best argument in their defense is that the offense can’t sustain any drives and the D is on the field too long. But that’s not the case every game.

[JetsMan57] 8:39 pm: Shaun Ellis has been virtually invisible this year.

[4HCrew] 8:39 pm: Randy how would you gauge Robertson’s play? I understand losing Ferguson was big but has be hindered by injury or taken a step backwards?

[RandyLange] 8:42 pm: On DRob, yes, inconsistent. His right hand seems to be OK now but his left knee will be a problem probably until he retires. He needs a Fergy next to him to do his best work. James Reed is energetic and makes some excellent plays, then gets swallowed up by one guy allowing the C or G to get to Vilma. Yes, a pass may have been issued for the defense, but the Bears for example have stepped up big-time with a weak offense. I expected more from the Jets’ D this year.

[RandyLange] 8:44 pm: Shaun Ellis has been quiet, too quiet. I don’t know if he’s more banged up than we know. He’s not the kind of guy to say anything about it, strong, silent type. But he’s been neutralized more than you would expect. I believe Abraham has been playing well, even when he doesn’t get sacks, because he still draws a lot of penalties, and even without the penalties, there are a few plays a game where he forces the QB to do something he didn’t want to do. But with the rest of the defense struggling, Abe doesn’t always get the payoff.

[GlennFoley] 8:39 pm: Im not much of a cap expert, but shouldn’t the Jets cut Chad Pennington this year? You have to figure this would be the best year to take the hit as the Jets are rebuilding, and will most likeley be terrible again next year. I think the Jets should just cut their losses on this one, and cut him along with Curtis,Fabini,Mawae,Law, and the rest of the older players. Give Chad, Curtis, and Kevin their rolex and start over. Holding on these guys is just prolonging the rebuilding phase IMO.

[RandyLange] 8:46 pm: GlennFoley: This isn’t really Glenn Foley, is it? Good guy. I wish T-Brad had taken another chance on him a few years back. I don’t know which year would be best to whack Pennington. But cut him or trade him, this year they still take a $12 million hit. And demote him to 2nd QB, even just to make sure the arm is fully rehabbed, and you’re paying too much for your backup. You’re right that some big names on offense have to go. This is where Mr. T needs to earn his salary, because there are ways to keep Mawae and Martin, for instance. But they’ve got to be creative. I thought they were very creative with Ty Law’s deal, for instance, but in signing Pennington and Ellis and dicking around with Abraham, they have put a very big crimp in their salary cap for this year and next.

[GlennFoley] 8:48 pm: no im not Glenn Foley.. just a fan of his.. Im a 17 year old from Coney Island.. Thanks for answering my question.

[R44] 8:50 pm: We all thank Randy GF. This is very nice of him      

[tonysxl1200c] 8:48 pm: Randy, our pass defense has been pretty good, but the run D is lacking. Is Pouha the answer as a run stopper or will we go after a FA or draft another big player in the mold of Jason Ferguson? I havent even noticed him on the field much this year?

[RandyLange] 8:50 pm: Tonysx: I’ve heard the Jets are still looking for the big bopper, the new Fergy. I don’t know if Pouha is that guy. I think he’s got a chance, but he hasn’t been that guy so far. I would have expected that his being older than most rookies and with his size that he would have moved in behind Reed with 20 plays a game, but he’s barely getting to 10 a game now and is sharing backup time with Lance Legree.

[bitonti] 8:52 pm: Randy, this is a draft question. Imagine it’s April and the Jets have a choice at top RB, top QB and top OT. What position do you think the Jets draft or do they just pick the best player overall? (shameless plug – Jets fans check out the new-look of

[RandyLange] 8:53 pm: I haven’t immersed myself in my draft study yet. Obviously I have watched Leinart and Bush. I can tell you that Pat Kirwan (yeah, I know some fans will never forgive him for Blair Thomas) told me he likes Leinart for the Jets if they can get him because there are more RBs behind Bush in the top 70 than there are QBs behind Leinart. I like Bush for the Jets, and if they could get him, I would think Curtis would be in position to be the Jets’ Marshall Faulk and tutor Bush along. I would wait on the OT until Round 2.

[R44] 8:54 pm: Good question Matt      

[aec4] 8:55 pm: Randy, on a scale of 1-32, 1 being the best coach in the league, 32 being the worst, how do you rate, from everything you see.. on the field, in practice, etc, Herm? Henderson? Heimendinger? I just want to get a feel for what you think of our staff in comparison to the rest of the league.

[R44] 8:57 pm: Putting Randy on the spot, huhaec4? Good question!    

[RandyLange] 8:57 pm: Aec4: I see these guys more than I do any others, so I may not be spot-on with my ratings. I would give Herm an 18, a little better than average. Great motivator, people person, and does make some tough calls. But strategy, clock management — game stuff — and knowing his personnel, not as strong.

[aec4] 8:57 pm: I should have added Bradway into the mix.

[JonEJet] 8:59 pm: Best chat yet…thanks

[RandyLange] 8:59 pm: Heimerdinger this year is a 10 (the offense, after all, is 32nd in the NFL in points scored, on top of all their other rankings), but is better than that as he showed in Tennessee. (I hope he’s not the offensive Teddy Cottrell.)

Donnie Henderson went from top 10 to bottom 10 this year. After their “powwow” two weeks ago, Donnie blitzed less and ran more base than he did before the meeting with his players.

[RandyLange] 9:00 pm: As for T-Brad, oh, in the 20s. Good talent evaluator, but too thin-skinned with media and alternates good years with bad ones (’03 bad, ’04 good,’05 bad).

[RandyLange] 9:01 pm: I’m sorry. Regarding my Heimderdinger rating, I meant he was in the bottom 10, not top 10.

[R44] 9:01 pm: Thanks for clearing that up Randy.

[4HCrew] 9:00 pm: Randy there has been mention that Heimerdinger has been frustrated with his inexperienced assistants. Did he hire them and do you think that this has hindered the progress of players like McCareins?

[RandyLange] 9:03 pm: 4HCrew: My observation during the off-season was that Dinger was getting $1M plus not only to coordinate the offense but to coach his coaches. Pep Hamilton was around before Dinger got there. Jeremy Bates was, too, but had no experience with QBs. Dick Curl became the RB coach. Zernhelt may be doing OK with the TEs, and I think he was the only one Dinger knew and brought in himself. Marrone is good with the OL. But this has been another of Dinger’s concerns that not everybody knows about.

[eightiesjets] 9:03 pm: Randy, T. Bradway’s body of work as a gm is sort of hard to judge. He’s smart enough to draft Jordan, Moss, McKenzie, Coleman and Rhodes. Yet, and this might be Herm’s responsibility too, he let Jordan go without ever seeing him as the feature back; then, he traded Moss on the eve of his breakout season, presumably because of salary cap constraints. How would you judge Terry? Is he in a win now situation like Herm next year? Should they either be kept or fired together? Excellent chat.

[RandyLange] 9:06 pm: Eightiesjets: Continuing on the T-Brad theme, because Woody gave them all the big vote of confidence, and because both got recent extensions, I’d say they don’t have to win now. I (along with others) thought they would win this year. I was wrong. That having been said, what I’d like to see from the T-Brad front office team is more consistency developing players, not only high on the roster but low. Seems like there’s too much of a throw-that-guy-back mentality.

[Abraham_Vilma_Miller] 9:06 pm: Randy, im a huge Justin Miller fan. What kind of corner is he going to turn out to be do you think? And despite his struggles as a returner, do you think Westhoff can help him improve enough to where hes a top returner in the league in the next few seasons? And thanks again for taking the time.

[RandyLange] 9:09 pm: Justin Miller has been an enigma to me. Herm christened him as the Jets’ PR and KR and a candidate to compete for a CB job. Then he struggled through all three responsibilities. Finally he showed up as a dangerous KR, but just as suddenly he’s been running into people again the past 2-3 games. He’s got talent and speed and a thickly built body. I hope his attitude is up to it. He is after all a junior eligible and we saw what that did for D-Rob. But I give Justin a cautious thumbs-up for ’06.

[R44] 9:07 pm: Randy, you’ve done a great job here tonight. Honestly, how in the world can we thank you?

[Maxman] 9:08 pm: No need to thank Randy, just buy his book!

[JetsMan57] 9:09 pm: Buy the book guys, its worth it.

[bitonti] 9:08 pm: real quick randy any word on locking up Ben Graham long term?

[RandyLange] 9:10 pm: Ben Graham, interesting question. He’s been great some games (DEN), good others. He’s still learning the game. I would think at some point that will come up, but with all the other contract problems, he may be back-burnered for a while unless his agent starts to make noise.

[mdjet] 9:09 pm: and as a quick last one….Hi Randy, this has been great, how do you see/rate Woody as an owner, you always hear he is a fan but is he seen as knowledgeable/on top of things or an absentee guy that trusts TB and Herm and just concerns himself with the business side?

[RandyLange] 9:13 pm: Mdjet: Are you a doctor? Jets could use you. Woody as owner … many of us make fun of the man. He’s not a Steinbrenner for sure. He has described himself as a fan-owner, and he is that. He came up small after the DEN game, then probably overstated the jobs Herm and Terry were doing the day before Thanksgiving. But I’d probably want a boss like that, someone who would let me do my job, pay me well for it. As for the day-to-day stuff, it’s hard to see Woody’s hand in this, but he is involved in the team.

[RandyLange] 9:11 pm: Thanks again for the book plug, Maxman. Barnes and Noble,, borders, I think they’re all still offering the book. Great holiday gift for dad, son, brother, sister, and it has a longer shelf-life (I hope) than a 3-13 season.

[Smizzy] 9:11 pm: Amazing chat Randy….Thanks for doing this with us and we hope you will come back!

[Abraham_Vilma_Miller] 9:13 pm: yeah randy, my best chat experience of anykind yet

[R44] 9:13 pm: Again, thanks Randy……You’ve done a great job covering the Jets. Was Pete Carroll really as “soft” as the media portrayed him to be…….and are you surprised he’s become such a college coaching legend in just 5 seasons?

[RandyLange] 9:15 pm: Pete Carroll doesn’t surprise me. Over the years we’ve run into coaches about whom we’ve said, you know, he’d make a pretty good college coach. We said it about Pete and about Al Groh (who’s been pretty good but not great yet at UVa). Some guys either are too soft for the pros (Pete) or too hard-ass (Al), and both approaches work a lot better in college, where you can be the big boss and you also can schmooze recruits to your heart’s content.

[R44] 9:15 pm: Would Herm make a good college coach?

[RandyLange] 9:17 pm: Herm as college coach? Probably. He could really work the alumni, the trustees, the recruits there. Herm likes, wants to delegate, but he wants his delegates to do what he wants. Paul Hackett and Ted Cottrell, I don’t think, did that enough. Dinger and Donnie are better at it. Henderson also probably would make a good-great college coach, which he said he would do, if the right offer came along. Hasn’t yet.

[RandyLange] 9:18 pm: Yeah, there’s some of that going around these days.

[RandyLange] 9:18 pm: I have time for one or two more, then it’s on to Radio Man.

[GlennFoley] 9:18 pm: What do you think of Gary Barnett? My brother(who went to Northwestern) said he and the Jets owners are really close or something.. You think he can be a darkhorse to replace herm one of these days?

[RandyLange] 9:20 pm: I haven’t heard Gary Barnett’s name. If Herm goes, anything’s possible. Woody will get resumes from all over the country. I haven’t heard how close they are, but that’s something to keep in mind.

[Maxman] 9:21 pm: Alright one more from R44 and then we are all done!

[Maxman] 9:21 pm: Thanks again Randy!!!

[RandyLange] 9:21 pm: Thanks for the opportunity to chat with you all. My previous chats have been with the Jets folks up in Albany.

[R44] 9:22 pm: Randy, of all the players that have worn the Jets green since, lets say, the 1980’s……who made the most favorable impression on you as a person…..

[RandyLange] 9:24 pm: R44: Since the Eighties. Well, I am biased. Curtis Martin is on the cover of my book and I did a chapter on him alone. A lot of the reasons I respect the heck out of him are in the chapter. He is as humble a superstar as I’ve run into. Boomer Esiason was as knowledgeable and friendly a starting QB as I’ve ever run into, particularly as it regards the writers’ jobs. Ray Mickens is a big favorite of the press room. Those are a few names that come to mind.

[4HCrew] 9:24 pm: thank you Randy for the insight…just ordered your book.

[R44] 9:24 pm: Randy thank you so much……..and the book is Stadium Stories, found at Barnes and Noble?

[JonEJet] 9:24 pm: thanks Bro..great time tonight

[Maxman] 9:24 pm: Great job Randy, thanks again for your time.

[rsherryjr] 9:24 pm: Great stuff Randy – can’t wait to get the book!

[mdjet] 9:24 pm: thanks,

[R44] 9:25 pm: Yes that is Barnes and Noble…..   

[aec4] 9:22 pm: Yeah Randy, I really appreciate you responding to me, and then coming on. You definitely did not have to. Hopefully everyone will now see why I think you are the best Jets guy, and it’s not close.   

[RandyLange] 9:25 pm: Aec4, thanks for the words of praise. We all bring a little something different to the table. I think the Jets room is pretty good, but you have to read all of us every day. The book is indeed “Stadium Stories: New York Jets.”

Go to,, and search for my name. The book cover should pop right up.

[greengal] 9:25 pm: thanks randy!      very interesting chat! appreciate your time

[RandyLange] 9:26 pm: OK, it’s on to the upset game plan for the Patriots. Thanks again.

[Maxman]9:26 pm: Have a good night Randy! Hope to have you back in the future.

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