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Rich Cimini, You Are Welcome

Rich Cimini has left the NY Daily News and joined the staff of  We are happy for Rich, although the Daily News still has impressive circulation numbers they never adapted well to the rules of new media.   The writing was on the wall at the Daily News and Rich obviously understood that. It is… Read more

Gary Estwick Interview – Titans Beat Reporter had the opportunity to interview Tennessee Titans beat reporter Gary Estwick.  Gary covers the Titans for The Tennessean. The Titans record is well documented and they seem to be a very well balanced team.  Many people said that their weakness was Kerry Collins.  After the past few weeks, he seems to have disproved that… Read more

Rich Cimini Chat Transcript

Rich Cimini was kind enough to visit and chat with us. [ NFL Talk]: RichCimini has entered at 9:22 pm [Max] 9:23 pm: Thanks for joining us Rich. When you are ready, R44 will start us off. [RichCimini] 9:23 pm: Sorry for being so late, folks. Busy night. [R44] 9:23 pm: Rich, thanks for… Read more

Rich Cimini Chat (07/25 – 9pm)

Rich Cimini from the NY Daily News will be doing an online chat with us on Wednesday (07/25) at 9pm.  Please join us in the chat room! Those of you who have seen our online chats in the past, know that Rich has always been very candid.  He will provide insight into the question marks as… Read more Chats With Draft Daddy recently sat down with Bitonti from Draft Daddy and asked him about the upcoming NFL draft. Which player has made the biggest leap on most draft boards since the Combine? Michigan’s Leon Hall was a player who had speed concerns before the combine, ran a 4.3 40 yard dash, now he’s a possible top 10 selection and… Read more

JetNation Chat With Draft Daddy

Bitonti and R44 from Draft Daddy were kind enough to stop by our chat room and discuss the upcoming NFL Draft. [JetNation NFL Talk]: bitonti has entered at 8:13 pm [Max] 8:14 pm: Welcome Bitonti thanks for joining us this evening!  Thanks also to R44! [Max] 8:14 pm: Hey Bill Parcells is going to start us… Read more

Andrew Gross Chat Transcript – 12/12/06

Andrew Gross from the Journal News was kind enough to stop by the chat room to talk NY Jets football with us.  Andrews article’s can be found in the Journal News.  Also be sure to check out his blog. [JetNation NFL Talk]: Andrew Gross has entered at 7:56 pm [Andrew Gross] 7:56 pm: Hi… Read more

Andrew Gross Chat – 11/14/06

Andrew Gross from the Journal News stopped by the chat room tonight. Andrew’s Jets blog can be found here: [Sperm Edwards] 7:59 pm: OK Andrew is here. First of all, Andrew thanks for your time. I’m going to turn the first question over to jetsrule128. [jetsrule128] 7:59 pm: 1-What have you heard about… Read more

Rich Cimini Chat – 11/08/06

[JetNation NFL Talk]: RichCimini has entered the chat room at 8:08 pm [Max] 8:08 pm: Hi Rich.  Thanks for joining us tonight. [RichCimini] 8:08 pm: Sorry I’m late, folks. Coming to you live from the Jets’ press room. Fire away. [Max] 8:09 pm: R44 it is all yours. [R44] 8:09 pm: Rich, you mentioned… Read more

Randy Lange Chat Transcript – 09/21/06 Randy Lange Chat Transcript – 9/21/06 [JetNation NFL Talk]: RandyLange has entered at 8:03 pm [Max] 8:04 pm: Hi Randy.  Thanks for joining us tonight. [RandyLange] 8:04 pm: Howdy, y’all. I’m happy to be here. [Max] 8:04 pm: R44 is hosting this for us.  He will start us off.  It’s all yours R44. [R44]… Read more

Rich Cimini Chat Transcript – 06/21/06

[ NFL Talk]: RichCimini has entered at 8:05 pm [Max] 8:05 pm: Hi Rich. [RichCimini] 8:05 pm: Greetings. Sorry I’m late [Max] 8:06 pm: No problem Rich. [RichCimini] 8:06 pm: Fire when ready. Let’s stir it up [Max] 8:06 pm: Alright Rich… [Max] 8:06 pm: We are waiting for our host R44 but I will… Read more Chat – 04/24/06

On 4/24/06, Bitonti and R44 from stopped by the Chat Room and answered questions from our members.  [Smizzy] 8:06 pm: Who’s Hot & Who’s not with 5 days till draft day? [R44] 8:06 pm: Antonio Cromartie is said to be hot, yet he has only started 1 game in his career….LenDale White has some… Read more

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