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Randy Lange Chat Transcript – 09/21/06 Randy Lange Chat Transcript – 9/21/06

[JetNation NFL Talk]: RandyLange has entered at 8:03 pm
[Max] 8:04 pm: Hi Randy.  Thanks for joining us tonight.
[RandyLange] 8:04 pm: Howdy, y’all. I’m happy to be here.
[Max] 8:04 pm: R44 is hosting this for us.  He will start us off.  It’s all yours R44.

[R44] 8:05 pm: Randy, welcome. I guess the first question is what do we make of Chad Pennington’s excellent start? Is he back to the Chad Jets
fans once loved?
[RandyLange] 8:07 pm: On Chad, it sure looks that way. He may still technically be rehabbing, but he’s close to 100 percent. And he had a few things to say yesterday about what he did during his rehab — studying tape and realizing he was more arm thrower than he realized, and working out to strengthen not just the shoulder but his total body — that I think have added some velocity to that much-maligned arm. So far, the results are excellent. He’s even taken some licking and kept on ticking.

[R44] 8:07 pm: Randy, I’m sure the Jets new staff doesn’t buy into “moral victories�, but how important to a young team was that great “almost� 4th quarter comeback  against the Patriots?
[RandyLange] 8:09 pm: R44, no one wanted to admit it, but Mangini did it for them by talking about how proud he was of the comeback, even though  in the next breath he said how disappointed he was about the 24-0 hole that required the comeback. But to me the loss to the Pats, whether by blowing a 17-0 lead or falling behind 24-0 or trading scores, was another good, not great, sign that Mangini is having his effect on this team. Make progress every day, week, month, win games you aren’t expected to, stay competitive
[RandyLange] 8:09 pm: in the ones you don’t win.
[R44] 8:10 pm: Thank you, Randy.

[tonysxl1200c] 8:10 pm: Hi Randy thanks for stopping by! What do the Jets need to do to start run blocking better and move the ball on the ground effectively?
[RandyLange] 8:11 pm: Tony, that’s a great question and I don’t know if the answer is on this team or will be found this year. Presumably the line will be showing improvement with Nick and Brick. That’s No. 1. Pete Kendall’s injury has surely not helped, because neither Katnik nor A.Jones has looked like even a good stopgap answer. And I feel RT Anthony Clement has been shaky, giving up two sacks and two TFL’s vs. NE, for example.
[RandyLange] 8:12 pm: But I like Kevan Barlow, I think I’m seeing good things in the short gaines he’s had, some cuts he’s made. So I think if the line settles down and Barlow becomes the starter or at least a co-equal with Blaylock, that will help a lot.

[aec4] 8:12 pm: Randy:  What is your take on the 4-3 / 3-4 situation?  Do you buy what Cimini and Klecko or saying, or do you think they are making too much of it?  I mean, I think Vilma is good enough of a player to play in any format we wish, but of course we’re hurting for a NT.  What are your thoughts?  How about for more of a pass rush as well?
[RandyLange] 8:14 pm: AEC4: I assume Cimini and Klecko are saying it’s a mistake to put Vilma in a 3-4. I don’t automatically agree (although I won’t tell Joe to his face). But the NE game shows the problems. G Stephen Neal and C Dan Koppen got out to Vilma on all four of the Pats’ long runs (14, 14, 14 and 10 yards) and on each he was shielded and couldn’t fly to the ball. So that supports the argument. But on the other hand, the Patriots are the NFL’s gold standard not only at playing the 3-4 but in blocking it,
[RandyLange] 8:15 pm: since the OL sees it every day in training camp and practice. And I think Vilma is incredibly smart and very athletic and can make this thing work. But I think we’d like to see a few wrinkles thrown in by Bob Sutton beginning with Buffalo: sliding the DL a little bit to get a 4-3 look (which they did twice by my count vs. NE). And Dewayne Robertson has to come up bigger than he did vs. NE. He was flat-out neutralized.

[WestchesterJet] 8:14 pm: I understand Randy, and thanks for joining us. But everyone knew prior to the start of the season that D-Rob wasn’t fit to play nose tackle in the 3-4 defense. With the Jets struggling against the run, is Mangini (at least internally) regretting his decision to run the 3-4 without the proper personnel?
[RandyLange] 8:17 pm: WestchesterJet, Mangini doesn’t seem like a young man who regrets much. It’s tough getting him to admit to anything like miscasting D-Rob, and in fact he said something Monday like Robertson is doing a good job playing the scheme the way the Jets want him to. But part of the problem is that the Jets aren’t moving D-Rob until next season at the earliest. He’s making too much money and would be too big a cap hit. And at least he’s receptive to playing whatever the coaches tell him to play. If he’s
[RandyLange] 8:18 pm: miscast, I believe the Jets intended to live with it until he came around or until they found the opening to bring him someone else who is a better fit for the 3-4.

[Sperm Edwards] 8:17 pm: Hey Randy – Thanks for being here.  Tell us what you know about Kendall.  I’m sure the Mangini camp is all hush-hush, but how badly hurt did he really seem? In the meantime, who do you think is the favorite to start in his place if he can’t go again Sunday – Katnik again or Jones?
[RandyLange] 8:20 pm: Sperm Edwards, great name. I don’t think Kendall’s is a month-long injury but he may need another week. He’s on the practice field but as of today he still wasn’t lining up with the first O-line in the early drills; Katnik was still there. So I think Pete may get another week on the sideline. I am only guessing, but I’d say the best odds to start at BUF are Katnik, then A.J., then Wade Smith. And Trey Teague is getting very close to returning, so wouldn’t it be interesting if after the reporters
[RandyLange] 8:20 pm: were ushered from practice that Teague is getting prepped up to play some guard for the first time in his pro career? But I don’t know that to be true.

[madmike1] 8:20 pm: Hi Randy thanks for your time. It seemed to me that the jets made good things happen vs the pats when they brought more then one blitzer and got in brady’s face. He certenly made many more bad throws then he has in past years vs the jets. Do you think they will blitz more this week when facing a bad passing game up in buffalo to attempt to get some TO’s to help the offense without coles?
[RandyLange] 8:22 pm: Madmike, I thnk they’ve got to blitz, or at least mix up the fourth man they’re sending out of the 3-4 a little more, because the four-man rush has been slow to get to the QB, as we all feared when John Abraham was traded. But the Bills are shielding Losman so well that Job One on Sunday is to contain Willis McGahee. I don’t think it’s impossible, but the run defense has to respond to the issues the Pats raised last week. Hold McGahee down, you get a chance to tee off on Losman, and I think that[RandyLange] 8:23 pm: could be very productive, especially with S Kerry Rhodes starting feel very frisky indeed coming off the edge in certain situations.
[R44] 8:21 pm: Trey Teague is on the PUP list, so he’ll be eligible to play after the Jets sixth game.
[aec4] 8:22 pm: Teague IS NOT on the PUP list
[R44] 8:22 pm: Sorry, my bad….
[RandyLange] 8:24 pm: R44, Teague is not on the PUP list. He was activated from the preseason active PUP so he can be used at any time, as soon as the Jets determine he’s healthy enough and they decide they have a role for him.
[R44] 8:24 pm: Thank you Randy, I forgot he was activated….
[RandyLange] 8:24 pm: Sorry, I didn’t see aec4’s response until I was finished shipping my answer. I have a little too much of that Mangini focus right now. Or maybe it’s just a little lack of sleep.

[chadharmamoon] 8:25 pm: On the show Mike and Mike. when asked about Mike Nugent, Mangini said we are looking for best player for our team, what does that mean?  Please tell me there are not drafting another kicker.  Is there any improvements in coles injury situation?
[RandyLange] 8:27 pm: Chad, I believe Nugent was a brushfire that’s been put out. He’s a good kid, conscientious, professional, and he came back from Tennessee with a potentially clutch 42-yarder that he hit well. That doesn’t mean he’s over his yips, of course, but it’s a good sign. I think many in Jet Nation remain concerned about Nugent, but I have confidence that he’ll be the kicker for a few more years. As for Coles, he is listed as questionable and did not participate in some portion of 11-on-11 team drills.
[RandyLange] 8:27 pm: (NFL boilerplate) either WED or today. He is running, not full speed, at the start of practice. No one’s commenting on whether he’ll play or not at BUF, but if I were a wagering man, which I sometimes am, I’d say Coles will go. He’s started 85 straight, after all.

[Smizzy] 8:27 pm: With the emergence of Mr.Cotchery, how long untill the Jets realize they are overpaying Justin Mccareins and look to move him? Or am I just dreaming?
[RandyLange] 8:29 pm: Smizzy, I know Justin’s not a fan favorite, and based on his production the last 2 years, he’s getting paid quite well. But I’ve always felt he’s a receiver more like ‘04 than ‘05, when a lot of things went wrong for a lot of people. I don’t know whether Mangini and Schottenheimer have made peace with the idea that McCareins is here for the rest of the year, but Eric is talking like that, and McCareins has actually looked decent, IMO, with a reduced role. He may even be the guy who’s keeping Tim
[RandyLange] 8:29 pm: Dwight sidelined because Dwight had been the slot WR until he got hurt late in camp and now McCareins is doing that job well.

[Max] 8:29 pm: Randy what is Mr. Coles relationship with Mangini like right now?  He seems to be the team spokesman and we have heard some rumblings from him about how hard camp was and how negative Mangini is.  Are there problems between the two that could spill over to the rest of the locker room?
[RandyLange] 8:31 pm: Max, I just called it the latest episode of “Lav and the Coach� today. Laveranues has been more talkative than ever before this year, and a very good quote at that. He doesn’t care that he zings his HC every once in a while, and it seems as if he’s doing it more playfully than spitefully. Mangini even didn’t seem to mind that Coles called him “ornery� and “a mean little guy� on Monday. But Lav took another playful shot today and I wonder if Eric may try to talk with him about this.

[R44] 8:32 pm: Randy, what is the situation with Tim Dwight? As long time N.F.L. follower, I realize the Jets must really like him, because in the “Not For Long� league, he’s keeps getting chances, despite his disturbing history of “nagging injuries�….. I guess what I’m asking, is will the Jets continue to patient if Dwight doesn’t get healthy soon?
[RandyLange] 8:34 pm: Yeah, R44, I was thinking about that Dwight history today again and I remember writing that Dwight could be a great little addition to this team if he can stay healthy. But right now, I don’t know how much of Dwight’s being deactivated is his health and how much is the current personnel situation the Jets find themselves in. He has said for two weeks now that he’s ready to return and it’s the coaches’ and trainers’ call. Mangini said today it’s precautionary to prevent Dwight from suffering a

[RandyLange] 8:35 pm: relapse of what we think is a thigh bruise. But at some point I would like to see if Dwight can at least put some zing back in the punt returns (they’re looking a lot like last year’s lifeless group so far) and can add his speed to the offensive mix.

[R44] 8:35 pm: Thanks for the clarification on the Dwight situation….Another question, Randy: Outside of the first round picks, are any of the Jets rookies fairly close to being major contributors on offense and defense — i.e. Eric Smith?
[RandyLange] 8:37 pm: R44, Eric Smith got into the safety rotation vs. NE. He came in for one or two series after Erik Coleman hooked Kevin Faulk coming out of the backfield, although Coleman returned in the 4th quarter.  There’s no buzz about Schlegel, who could be IA all year unless they get in a numbers bind at LB. Brad Smith is a constant factor, even if he doesn’t get used much, as vs. NE, because he has really taken to WR and there’s always the promise of at least one or two throws off the option, etc.
[RandyLange] 8:38 pm: Leon Washington is playing, of course, but other than the KOR at Washington in the preseason, I haven’t seen much out of  him. Drew Coleman is earning his keep so far as a flyer on punt returns.

[tonysxl1200c] 8:37 pm: Randy, speaking of the PUP list, what’s the latest on Curtis Martin’s rehab? Is there a chance that he will play again, or will he be going on the IR after week 6?
[RandyLange] 8:39 pm: Tony, Curtis Martin is the great secret of the Tangini regime. We have not gotten an update in several weeks. The company line is that Curtis continues to rehab with an eye toward trying to be ready to play sometime between Week 7 and Week 13, probably later rather than earlier. I don’t know what the real story is. I wouldn’t count Curtis coming back, but it just feels as if it may be the end of a great career.

[Sperm Edwards] 8:38 pm: Randy – #1 if you wanted a good “wagerâ€? you should’ve taken KC to win under 9 games this year.  #2 – there’s been some discussion on our boards – any chance we’ll see some lone-back sets with 2 TE’s ? (we’re not throwing to the FB’s; maybe a little more push in the running game while retaining another big receiving target).
[RandyLange] 8:41 pm: Sperm, we’ve seen a little 2-TE, not much. That’s another way to try to get some push, but I haven’t seen a whole lot out of Sean Ryan yet, and after all, he was the Cowboys’ fourth TE, which is why Tuna was happy to trade him to Mr. T. But Ryan seems to be in the mix, and they re-signed Zach Hilton, who at least was a big-target pass-catching TE for NO last year. (You may remember Zach’s only career TD catch came vs. the Jets.)

[chadharmamoon] 8:40 pm: With the running game not being productive why doesn’t Mangini go for broke and run Cedric Houston and see how he can do?
[RandyLange] 8:43 pm: Chad, I agree about Cedric. Eric has explained it in such a way that Cedric doesn’t do enough on ST to squeeze ahead of someone else, such as Leon Washington, on the TB depth chart. But my good friend Dan Lieberfield (inside joke) is on the Houston bandwagon, and I’ve gotten the indication from my sources that Buffalo could be Cedric’s season debut. If that happens, my guess is that Leon gets IA and Tim Dwight also gets activated.

[R44] 8:42 pm: Here is a question, sort of out-of left-field. But it’s a good one…Given that the Jets current head coachspent time with both Parcells and Belichick, is he obsessed with the last 5 spots on the roster?
[R44] 8:45 pm: Randy, more specifically, are the Jets constantly shuttle in street agents, more than Herm did, to always get looks at newbies?
[RandyLange] 8:45 pm: R44, he may be obsessed with those final five roster spots. I would favor trying to establish a little more consistency with  those spots, trying to develop some players for next season or even this season. I don’t feel that Terry and Herm did that enough. They treated those spots and the P-squad like a revolving door and got rid of people a year after moving them around like pawns. Sometimes the right guys in those spots turn out to be decent role players.
[R44] 8:47 pm: Great answer Randy, maybe the revolving door approach is counterproductive to the theory behind the P-squad….to devolop
players in the long term.
[RandyLange] 8:47 pm: R44, I don’t get the sense the Jets are doing more shuttling now than they did under Terry and Herm. I think it’s about the same, which makes sense because Mike Tannenbaum as we all have heard had a hand in the Jets’ front office decisions under Terry. That may be Mr. T’s style. And the exchange of Jamar Martin for Zach Hilton? Well, there must be a reason for it that is not obvious, because they cut Zach and gave Jamar a fairly significant role as Kevan Barlow’s fullback.

[MeatyMe] 8:46 pm: Hi Randy, The talk during the offseason was that Teague would play center for a couple of years and that Mangold would start out at guard and move over to center after Teague retires. You mention that there are rumors that Teague may be positioned at guard now. Is it safe to say that the Jets are satisfied with what Mangold is already bringing to the table?
[RandyLange] 8:49 pm: Meaty, I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve heard Teague is a guard now, just that Mangini has said he will work at G, C and T. But the coach recently said he’s been pleased with Mangold’s progress. In my video study, I haven’t seen a lot of major problems with Nick. I think he’s holding his own and he may be one of those exceptions to the rule that you don’t want to put a rookie at C because the position has so much going on and it’s better for a veteran to handle it.

[Gainzo] 8:50 pm: Randy: What are your thoughts on the Patriots chances to go deep into the playoffs?  It seems the national media has already written them off as “washed up� and that the Patriots moves will come back to haunt them (McGinest, Vinateri, Branch)?
[RandyLange] 8:53 pm: Gainzo, I like many have been a big fan of the Belichick/Pioli Pats. I don’t understand all of the money moves, especially Vinatieri. Now I know the Jets’ defense is not fully formed yet, but the way Brady took them apart early, then struggled, then dissected them on that last drive, maybe that means that Brady doesn’t need an established WR corps. The secondary has some weaknesses but the front 7 still looks formidable. I’d say the Pats are still SB contenders, but I don’t have a real good feel

[RandyLange] 8:53 pm: yet how far they’ll go in the playoffs, just that they’ll go again.

[WestchesterJet] 8:54 pm: How has the transition to Eric Mangini been for you, the sports reporter? Not that your job was ever easy, but c’mon, it had to be a little bit easier under Hermy.  And is Cannizzaro still crying himself to sleep at night now that Herm’s in KC ruining that fine city’s team?
[RandyLange] 8:55 pm: Westchester, it’s a different world now, but really it’s just a return to  a world we all were familiar with under Bill Parcells. Mangini does some things differently. Some things are more restrictive, some things less. But I’ve always felt the bad reporters complain about the working conditions and the good ones nod their heads and then establish different sources to try to tell the important stories about their team.

[PhinHater] 8:56 pm: Hi Randy, if we beat Buffalo, we will be 2-1.  Pennington has exceeded expectations.  If we split between  Indy and Jacksonville, what do you think our final record/chances might be at 3-2 with the remainder of our schedule?  Also, do you think Penny will let us down and get hurt again after a good season so far, or is he for real this time?     
[RandyLange] 8:58 pm: Phin, I’m hopeful for Chad. He’s a good dude and has shown amazing cajones to come back the way he has. He could get hurt again and then what can I say. I’ll just mention that Phil Simms couldn’t stay on the field for the blue team from about 1979-83, then he didn’t come off the field from 1984 until he got hurt in 1990. I’m hoping Chad will have the same renaissance beginning this season. As for the record, 2-3 or 3-2, I think that bodes well for a good final 10 games. This team may be more
[RandyLange] 8:59 pm: competitive than a lot of us thought it would be, and the final 10 games are filled with teams such as DET, GB, HOU and OAK. I feel better now than I did last month that the Jets can make a decent run at 8-8, maybe not get there but at least establish the progress they need under Mangini to set up a firm foundation for Year 2.

[Smizzy] 8:58 pm: Randy, Eric Barton & Bryan Thomas have played well so far. What do you think about them playing in this 3-4 defense. Also, could you do me a solid? Tell Cimini, Smizzy said Cotchery is a houshold name where I live, how about his house? Thanks again for stopping by today. We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us again. Please come back!
[RandyLange] 9:01 pm: Smizzy, I’m not enough of a football theoretician to say the Jets will succeed or fail in the 3-4. I think they have good people, maybe not at every position but at many. A lot of guys seem like they could do well in the 3-4, Barton and Thomas being two of them.  The key is Mangini’s (and Sutton’s) vision. He helped build and sustain NE’s 3-4 for six seasons, and he was a lot more than just a secondary coach all six years, despite what some people think. If that’s what he wants to build here,
[RandyLange] 9:02 pm: then for now I’m trusting him to make the right decisions and find the right people to make it hum like he did at NE.

[Max] 9:02 pm: Randy here is a question from one of our members that couldn’t be here tonight.  C.J. Mosley — what’s the deal with him?  What can we expect?
[RandyLange] 9:05 pm: Max, C.J. Mosley is a cipher right now. Privately, I think he may be concerned that he hasn’t been a 3-4 nose and now they’re trying to make him one. In any event, he’s behind Rashad Moore, who actually has had some flashes working in with D-Rob at nose. Rashad’s plays have gone from 8 at TEN to 18 (plus five more on goal line) vs. NE. If Rashad winds up being better than Mosley, perhaps it’s no harm no foul, suspect value in the Bollinger trade but great value for a waiver pickup.

[Sperm Edwards] 9:03 pm: A question from 4HCrew who couldn’t make itready to go:  Who are Mangini’s “soldiers� and who won’t be back next year?
[RandyLange] 9:08 pm: Sperm, that’s an interesting question. Perhaps for obvious reasons, Vilma, Barton, Chatham, Rhodes, maybe Dyson, Pennington, Blaylock,  probably all the rookies, Cotchery — those are the soldiers. Shaun Ellis surprised me with a strong recommendation after the TEN win. Kimo. As for who won’t be here, I don’t have a great feel on that. Is Justin Miller Mangini’s kind of safety and personality? I don’t know. Will McCareins stick? Will D-Rob be moved? Those are some of the questions I have.
[Sperm Edwards] 9:08 pm: that is, if you can answer that one Randy; I know you still want to interview these guys – even the stiffs.
[RandyLange] 9:10 pm: Yeah, that’s the only problem. I don’t want to hang a hat (as Walt Michaels always used to say) on Justin Miller, for example, or Coles. They’re both kind of edgy guys whom Mangini may like or may not like. But they’re both talented players who maybe can co-exist with the new regime. So I’d like to see everyone get thru this first season of Mangini-ball before I write anyone off.

[R44] 9:09 pm: Randy, the Jets will face a Bills team with a stuggling offense. We know that…However, I’ve watched them the last 2 weeks and their defense has been stellar. They have 4 or 5 rookies doing good things on defense (Whitner, ect.) and their DE’s (Schobel, Denney and Kelsay), who were much maligned in the upstate N.Y. media coming into the season, have been absolute terror’s off the edge both weeks…can the Jets young O-line handle the Bills hot D-line and keep Chad standing in the pocket?
[RandyLange] 9:12 pm: R44, the Bills’ defense is scarier than I thought it would be. They all play with great motors, which I guess was Dick Jauron’s secret ingredient. Fletchere and Spikes are top LBs and Spikes apparently will play SUN. Schobel and Kelsay may have been getting heat but they have had some very good games vs. the Jets. It’s a dangerous matchup, and yet their secondary and their third-down defense have been suspect and that’s where Chad has been making hay the first two games. So while  I believe this

[RandyLange] 9:13 pm: is a tough spot for the Jets, I think they can still pull a win out of The Ralph, especially if they get it done against McGahee, whom I just never have warmed up to even though he’s pounded the Jets in the last three meetings.

[R44] 9:13 pm: Thanks Randy, this is sort of a “softball� question: Are there any “lesser known� Jets in that locker room that the media and players just love due to their personality and upbeat nature?….Maybe even a practice squad player that just is so nice and likeable , that the media and players can’t help but root for  to make a bigger impact?
[RandyLange] 9:18 pm: R44, let me think. … I think Kerry Rhodes, although not unknown, has a lot of those qualities. I really think Kerry is on the way to Pro Bowl recognition some day. I know the players love and respect Eric Barton. On offense, Kendall keeps them laughing, I hear. Matt McChesney, the multiply tattooed one, is back on the P-squad and I sense he can be loosy-goosy. Those are a few names that come to mind.
[R44] 9:20 pm: Randy, honestly, doing a draft site I know a lot of the players on N.F.L.  P-Squads….and McChesney was, honestly, the inspiration behind my question — I know he’s a real flake –in a good way.

[WestchesterJet] 9:13 pm: the Jets are notoriously bad in Buffalo
[RandyLange] 9:15 pm: Yes, they are, Westchester. Lost 8 of their last 11 there and haven’t held a second-half lead in any of the 8 losses. If that continues SUN, the Bills fans will eat them up in their home opener.
[WestchesterJet] 9:17 pm: Chad Morton is the only reason the Jets have won there in the past few years

[MeatyMe] 9:18 pm: Randy, Given Abrahams’ latest injury problems and the seeming likelihood of continued injury problems, wouldn’t you say that the Jets, at least, came out even with Mangold?
[RandyLange] 9:21 pm: Meaty, I didn’t like giving up Abraham the edge rusher. But that was another of those divorces that benefitted both sides.  I like getting Mangold with that pick from ATL. And I still can’t believe some of us in the media still bring up Matt Leinart as a Jets screwup. I can only ask those guys, who would be helping Leinart pick the grass and FieldTurf rubber particles from his teeth, since he wouldn’t have Brick or Nick in front of him. Building the OL is never sexy but it is sometimes necessary
[RandyLange] 9:21 pm: and I applaud Tangini for being proactive in the draft on that matter.

[chadharmamoon] 9:21 pm: From talking to Mangini what kind of sense do you get about his concern about his running game? Do we have any chance of landing Adrian Peterson next year.  Will Tangini trade up for him, even though they don’t like to trade up?  And which NT coming out from college do we need to keep are eyes on?
[RandyLange] 9:24 pm: Chad, I don’t know the NTs who are coming up yet. I’m just real tunnel-visioned once the season starts, although I get my fill of college FB on road Saturdays. (Pearl Street Brewery ahead in BUF.) As for the running game, Mangini has a habit, some probably think annoying but others may think is brilliant, of not expressing any worry about things like the problem running game. He preaches focus, teamwork, toughness, etc., and tries to fix the problem without worrying publicly about it. So I can’t
[RandyLange] 9:25 pm: imagine Eric is happy about the state of his tailback, but he has a positive, unshakable approach to that problem as with all the others, that he and his staff and his players will somehow figure it out and fix it.
[RandyLange] 9:34 pm: Chad, Peterson could be the guy. A lot still has to play out, but if Curtis is not in the picture, which I think he won’t be, and if Kevan hasn’t shown his ‘03 form at any time this season, then the Jets probably do need to consider drafting or trading up to draft Peterson.
[R44] 9:38 pm: B.T.Y. Adrian Peterson is a junior, so he’ll have to declare…but considering Peterson was hoping Maurice Clarett’s lawsuit would pave the way for him to go from high school to the N.F.L., it’s a slam dunk he comes out — barring a injury.

[Sperm Edwards] 9:26 pm: A question from Scott Dierking:  Mangini-Do the players now have a philosophical buy-in to the man, his staff and the way they do things, or is there more that needs to be shown?  Measuring the players perspective, do the writers see any perceptible changes in the players in how they are reacting to wins and losses (since we have had both), compared to the previous regime?
[RandyLange] 9:28 pm: Scott Dierking (I assume that’s not THE Scott Dierking, whom I covered for one season in 1980), I think many players have bought into the Mangini philosophy and more than a handful haven’t yet. I did a story a few weeks ago about a few people who weren’t happy with the camp they went through, the penalty laps, etc. Winning and getting better individually and as a team will convince those who are on the fence. But since Mangini will be around for a few years, I don’t see this as an Al Groh repeat.
[RandyLange] 9:29 pm: If Mangini identifies guys who aren’t buying in, well, he’s brought in enough of his kind of guys, so he’ll get rid of the non-believers and bring in some more of his kind of guys.
[RandyLange] 9:30 pm: As for reacting to the wins and losses, I’d say it’s about the same. Not too high after TEN, not too low after NE. But a difference to me is how the players are looking at the big picture. Herm encouraged his players to talk about their goals, visualize, etc., so there  was a lot of playoff and Super Bowl talk. Mangini doesn’t encourage that. Today he was asked that since he’s so into showing movie clips to the players if he’d show the celebrations of the Yankees and Mets clinching their divisions
[RandyLange] 9:31 pm: titles this week. He said while those moments are very inspiring, etc., they were for things that happened at the end of a long process. He’s at the beginning of a long process, so he won’t be showing those Mets and Yankees images to his team.

[Max] 9:28 pm: Randy any buzz on the stadium (are the Jets and Giants getting along) and new practice facility?  Do the players seem excited about this at all or is it still too far away?
[RandyLange] 9:33 pm: Max, the stadium and practice facility issue are not real to the players yet, although I keep warning them that in two years, if they’re still around, they’ll be coming to my neck of the woods. It will be status quo around here almost until the start of the 2008 training camp, because the plan is to break down the complex and relocate it after all the free agency, draft and minicamp stuff earlier in 2008. And the new stadium is coming, I think, two years after that.

[KSJets] 9:34 pm: with the recent stories about Chad and him noticing his throwing mechanics were off, and takng it upon himself to really work hard at changing, and the other stories about Cotchery really busting his ass to improve his speed, those are all great individual efforts to improve themselves, but isn’t that something that the previous coaching staff should have noticed and pushed them to do?
[KSJets] 9:36 pm: I mean, was it really just great individual efforts to improve themselves or more of a failure of the coaching staff to notice it
[RandyLange] 9:36 pm: KS, yeah, there are always going to be things lilke that that the previous regime should’ve done but didn’t. But the thought just occurred to me that if Hackett was at least a great QB coach, one that Chad swore by, why didn’t Hackett fix the mechanics? Heimerdinger greatly disappointed me, although he was saddled with a deteriorating situation, obviously. But the thing Herm should’ve done a better job of was enforcing the strength and conditioning rules. Too many guys let things slide last
[RandyLange] 9:38 pm: off-season and last season, and some (not all) of those guys wound up getting hurt. Herm didn’t help Markus Paul enforce (through threats of fines) the standards in the program. Herm always felt professional athletes will always do what’s in their best interests.  Mawae, before he left, said that’s just not true. Many will, many won’t.

[R44] 9:36 pm: Randy, thank you for the time tonight…..Question: do you believe Woody is truly happy that he got rid of Herm and Bradway and replaced them with the “Tangini duo�……Any regrets by the Jets front office, perhaps, that Herm wasn’t sent packing prior to the 2005 season?
[RandyLange] 9:41 pm: R44, yes, I think Woody was happy ultimately with the transition to Tangini. I believe he did a good job of hiding his growing frustration with Herm wanting to restructure after losing seasons. Now was Herm underpaid by NFL head-coaching standards? Yes. But Woody’s the owner and I believe he was set to release Herm if KC hadn’t been involved. But no, I don’t think there was a feeling to move Herm out before last season. I believe in the bottom line when it comes to playoffs. Herm got them in
[RandyLange] 9:41 pm: three out of four years. He could have done a lot of things better, a lot worse. But the momentum for him to leave didn’t start until after the ‘04 season.

[Max] 9:41 pm: Randy on behalf of I would like to thank you for your time.  We look forward to “chatting� with you again in the future.  We really appreciate you stopping by tonight, we know how busy you are right now!  We look forward to your articles, thanks for giving us such an objective look at the Jets.
[R44] 9:43 pm: Thanks Randy…..Great job….Much appreciated and don’t forget to plug your book….it’s a great read.
[RandyLange] 9:43 pm: Max and all, thanks for your hospitality as always. I must leave now and make the long trek home to New Jersey so I can catch up on my beauty rest, then write my Sunday stuff from home tomorrow, then fly to Buffalo and woof down some real wings. And the Lake Effect Pale Ale at Pearl Street is to die for.    

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